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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Otherwise, I won`t be happy!



Oh wow, my heart is beating! Its my first blog entry and I dont actually want to say "how are you?".
That's such a stoopid question. WHY?! Because, obviously almost everybody would say: "Im fine."
And that's a lie.
Why should I care for useless questions in MY BLOG? In my NEW BLOG.

Oh, don`t tell me you think it's my FIRST BLOG.
It's my NEW BLOG.

To be, or not to be, that's the question.
This blog is being my CURRENT BLOG.
Its not being my JAPANESE BLOG, which by the way is being my OLD BLOG.
This is what I know. But...
It seems that the first sentence of this part isn't being a question.
If Mr.Question-And-Answer-All-In-One-Sentence would know that he is being a question, then he would have been smart enough to bear a question mark. huh?!

To be or not to be  a question

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Being? Not Being? THAT'S 2 QUESTIONS!

I think that you understand what I mean. Nope, we are not finished.

Maybe you're asking yourself, "What will this mysterious girl write?"
Beside making Videos i'm going to school, did'ya know that?! And YES i'm living on TENERIFE. Its a small Island with 900.000 habitants, most ppl are from China, Arabia, Polonia and England. And then there's me, Swiss-Austrian-Hungarian mixed, born and raised in Switzerland. If you ever wondered about, my mommy is Hungarian. Now it's guessing time, haha.
I came to this palmtree-island  3 years ago, and I like it. But there's something i like MUCHY MUCHY MORE! It's...surprise, Japan!

"OMFG, y u like japan? u a such a letald..."

Oh, i just grew up with it. With grewing up with it I'm meaning that mommy cooks Japanese, thinks Japanese, goes to Japan with me. Because we like it. Liking something, is soooooo GREAT! : D I take liking something very serious, thats why I started studying Japanese. And I can communicate and write in Japanese very well. The language which I am writing in now is called english. WOW! Surprisingly, I learned this language in school.
Why surprisningly?!
Because my english is better than my english teachers english.


- Now, who knows some verbs that ends in the consonant "t"?
Overweight-heavy-metal-listening-kid: Oh, i know one!! "play"
- No, this does'nt ends in "t", darling...
-  Anybody..?
Me: Plait" ends in "t"
- What did you say?
- Plait!
- he...?
- How do you spell that...?
- P-L-A-I-T
- Diccionario, donde esta mi diccionario...ah, aqui!!
- Oh, but doesn't this means braid??
- Hm, you know what, this might be not so good...
- Me like, WTF, O_O???
- Sorry I can't understand what you mean. Let`s skip this!
- ...

"To plait" is a verb.
 I like to plait my hair, you know. Mum was plaiting my hair this morning. Every morning, mum plaits my hair.


Yes, Greenwhich. Not Greenwich. It`s Greenwhich, said my teacher. I hope this was educational.
But, even if it's wrong, WHO CARES?!
The kids in my school don't study. So even if the teacher makes a mistake, nobody will suffer from it because they don't pay any atention.
Beside my desk, there is another desk, and there is a chair, and on this chair sits a girl in a maybe too tight, fake LACOSTE shirt writing love-letters and uh, yeah, writing love letters. Another one is applying nail polish, and some kids are eating candy which they hide behind their schoolbags. Of course, there are some normal ppl like the chinese ones, which I am befriend with and organize the drawing section in our school newspaper. We are actually only drawing manga, i might be doing yonkoma too. So we are all happy weeaboos together.  Or maybe not.


"Studying, what`s that? Is it yummy?"

That`s all for today.