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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Kawaii Breakfast - Saturday!

Hello my every

It's saturday morning! I hope this is going to be a lovely weekend for everyone!! So I greet you all with a new video, which you can watch when you click HERE
It's somewhat special, as it's the longest video I ever uploaded to YouTube,  plus im speaking 4 different languages in it! Oh, and not to forget, my mommy is also in action! I hope you enjoy watching it!

Saturday morning! So happy now, because, after all, I don't get to have apple pie everyday sooooo:


Thanks mommy
I loooove apple pie! I also ate a lot of apple pie in Spain...haha ^^ 

Outside, it's getting noticeable colder, and when I went out this morning, I could see a thin layer of frost on the top of the cars. If im correct, it may snow in January...who knows? ^^ I love snow, it's beautiful, but sometimes snow can make things really complicated, haha!

Have a nice time during your weekend!