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Friday, March 9, 2012

I want to yawn!! ♥


It's Friday evening here in London! 
Today, I recorded a video. It a secret! I can't tell you more than "tutorial". : D Well, you can still guess what it might be, right?! 

And then, I did a japanese live broadcast. 
This is what I wore:

Outfit index:

Baby-blue Sailor Shirt: Bodyline
White frilly-end skirt: Metamorphose
White lace thights: ? (I have no clue where we got them, but I bet they are already antique, lol...? hehe. ^^)

I always wanted to do outfit pics, but I didn't really know how to shoot full body pictures of me by myself. Huh. I'm trying to figure out a method, so I can post more outfit pics! : D I hope, that I can post a better pic already tomorrow. Pinky promise! Hehe

And another pic! This what I made for lunch: 

Hm, there isn't an actual recipe, because I don't consider this as cooking, hehe.
I cut an english muffin in half, smear mustard on it. 
(Because I put mustard on everything and then i'm like AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH my noze is burninnnggg - but it's good.Did I already tell you that I'm extremely hipster? hohoho ). 
And nope, that's not a fried egg, it's a steamed egg! And the other muffin is topped with 3 slices of camembert. The heart is made of radish. Next is the salad: Carrot sticks, apple and radish. By the way, doesn't the radish look like cute little smurf mushrooms? 

 : )))) I did it on purpose cuz im very hip and hop and stuff. 

Then I went to Oxford Circus and that's what I will tell you tomorrow because it's too dark for photos arggghhh.

Good Night