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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The answer to: "Why did I cut my hair?"

Hello my prickly pickle!

"Oh! Hi! Yeah! Really! I did! 2 months ago!"

This is the story of why I chopped my hair off and returned to my natural dark brown hair colour.
The idea came from my hair stylist and the fan from Japan, and from me, of course.

In May my hair started falling out due to tons of stress, puberty (yes I finally hit it wooohoo) and more stress. Some people assume it's the bleaching's fault, but it isn't. I bleached my hair for 1 year and let it grow long. I know when and why it started falling out, that's for me to tell you! : 3

Hairstylist guy said:
1.- I think that it's impossible to dye you hair back, without totally damaging it and leaving it with a slight tone of green.
2.- Yeah sure, I can cut you a bob!
* The hairstylist even took a sample of my hair and died it, but it looked green-ish violet and fried. O_o

Mom said:
1.- Leave the dying to me <3

Fan From Japan said:
1.- Get a dark brown bob
2.- Put your hair behind your ears, people will love you when they can see your ear.
3.- Wear brown or black circle lenses
4.- Wear light makeup, and with that, I mean only some concealer, mascara and lip gloss (but not red!)

These instructions came with this set of pictures.

So I followed the idea of the fan from Japan, mom dyed my hair brown (and it looked a marshmallowian times better than the Hairstylist's little experiment, haha XD) and the Hairstylist cut me a Shinoda Mariko bob.

And with all these ingredients I turned out to look like this:

My viewers in niconama and most of my fangelic (and even non-fangelics) were delighted that I look more natural. And, I'm happy too! : D

So that's the story!
If you have any more questions, I'll be glad to ask them for you on my tumblr, or @VenusAngelic on Twitter! ♪


Thursday, September 20, 2012

♥ Autumn Clothes Shopping ♥

Hey everyone!❤⃛(*ૂ❛ัᴗ❛ั*ૂ)

Yesterday I mentioned I will show you my autumn shopping today ♥ yay!
As summer fades and the afternoons are getting cooler, and yeah, that rainy english weather included, I just need warm clothes OK. (๑•ૅૄ•๑)

First of all, soft, thick and warm socks. Hmmmm.  And their cuteness makes them even warmer, softer and thicker!

Po-po-polka dots!
Pink! Light Pink! Black! ☆ One dot! 2 dots! Endless dot! (。•̀ᴗ-)✧

I like the pipipipink one the moooost!

I also got a cute white blouse♪♫♬

I love poncho designs!
I will wear this with short jeans, cute thick tights and UGGs!

Blue dotted triangle pattern blouse!
Looks cute with a jeans jacket

Super comfortable and cute peach coloured (half?)hoodie! ♥ As you can see, only one half of the hoodie is there.
(๑╹ڡ╹) I will wear this with pink frilly shorts for chilling at home! 

Rocking the dolly look

All these items are from Amazon (uk) and I'm still waiting for another item to arrive! Excited
Of course I'm going to show it to you in my blog!
Hint: It's for the eyes and lacy! 

This way I'll have mofumofu warm in the rainy english weather ! ʕ̡̢̡ॢ•̫͡ॢ•ʔ̢̡̢

I hope you guys have warm too,
and please look forward to more cutifying, yummyfying and lyrics translations here on my blog!


by Venus

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Silver Forest - 君が望んだ永遠 - English Lyrics

Silver Forest
The eternity you wished for

What if in an unchanging landscape, 
that one cloud would gently float around a curve faster than always
Past the memories and up the hill road

I have a yearning
A yearning for the memories
I want to be pursuing them
言葉には できなくて 
見送る その翼は 
A paper plane flew away beyond the blue sky 
The memories of that day gently go through after another
It can't be told in words
Seeing off the paper plane's wings 
which carries the distant two of us

From the cloud falls a raindrop  
and lands on a spot of sunlight,
tenderness made memories
which wet my eyes

このままの2人 忘れないように
So we will not forget that two of us,
I carve this picture in my mind

そっと想うよ あの日の言葉 
A voice whispering in the sunlight that is shining trough the trees
The sky is changing into blue
I gently remember the words of that day 
The rainbow which is blooming in it's seven colours,
will not give up future 

Somehow I'll watch over both of us
I have a yearning
A yearning for the memories
I want to be pursuing them

青空の彼方へと 飛ばした紙ヒコーキ 
言葉には できなくて 
見送る その翼は 
A paper plane flew away beyond the blue sky 
The memories of that day gently go through after another
It can't be told in words
Seeing off the paper plane's wings 
which carries the distant two of us
Thank you for reading my 2nd song translation! : D
I recently found a PC-98 emulator, so now I can play all the old Touhou games, some are even older than me lol. I started with the first one, Highly Responsive To Prayers, where Reimu has the theme song "Eternal Shrine Maiden" during the first few stages. And this song is just a vocal arrangement of that theme. ❤
This had some poetic expressions used in Japanese so it was tricky to figure out the real meaning behind some of the words, but I surely enjoyed translating it! : D
Btw, this is off topic, but tomorrow I will post some pics of my little autumn clothes shopping! <3
Another thing, totally random, but SURELY interesting, the reason, oh god, THE REASON why I chopped my hair of and died it back to my natural hair colour! You will know soon! ; D

Friday, September 14, 2012

Yuuhei Satellite Ref-Rain English Translated Lyrics

Yuuhei Satellite
Ref - Rain

You may not know what kind of place heaven is
Yet here is everything of that kind
So stop desiring
before you die on the inside

止まない雨の中で あなたは
天上を羨み ヒトになった
You stand there in the middle of a hard rain,
gazing into the sky with blank amazement.
That peace which doesn't exist here, is what you are wishing for.
You became a person, who is envious of heaven.

否定するの? 大胆だね
The place you are aiming for is different of others
Are you denying all of that repeated loneliness of your past?
How daring of you...

おやすみ 傷口は嘘つかない
Sadness is dripping from your wings
Rest, open wounds don't lie

鋭い雨の中で あなたに
飽きてしまったのか? 可哀想に
You stand there in the middle of a heavy rain,
as the sky gazes at you with emptiness
Did you happen to wake up from your days of being in a non-existent bondage of peace? 
How pitiful...

翼は折れ 倒れた時
As your wings folded and you fell to the ground,
you speak out the refrain

おやすみ 今は羽を休めるべきなんだ
Your wings are  soaked in sadness
Perhaps, you can't reach heaven 
Rest, you should relax your wings

On and on you keep rotting on the inside

You may not know what kind of place heaven is
Yet here is everything of that kind
So stop desiring
before you die on the inside

Tadaa! I'm going to start translating Japanese songs which do not have a translation yet!
I got this idea when I found the Spanish translation of Suki Melo I made last summer for the final exam of music. Yeah in Spain I attended public school! We had to write an essay about our favourite song, and also include the spanish lyrics of the song. But the song didn't have an english nor a spanish translation, so I did by myself! : D

Hope you enjoy my translation!

Sweet Greetings,

Friday, September 7, 2012

Who is Venus on Instagram?

 Since there are many, many convincing posers on Instagram, I thought of writing a blog entry to proof that I am me. (I‘m also going to put the link of this post in my Instagram description!)


There might be posers who sound very convincing

Venus_Angeliic, with two "ii" is a poser and keeps confusing my fans.

I wanted to take action to stop the posers because:

1.- It‘s disrespectful towards my fans
2.- It‘s crushing my time because I need to explain my confused fans who is me.
3.- It‘s not alright robbing someones personality. Please be and love who you are and not pretend to be someone else!

↑↑↑ THIS is a poser ↑↑↑

I'm very sorry for all this confusion, and I hope you now know my real Instagram!
Please everyone, take care on the internet


London Fashion's Night Out 2012

Hello my fashionable avocado! 

Yesterday, the 6th of Semptember 2012, I went to Fashion's Nigh Out in London! 

★Read here what I did and saw during that time★

First I went to the Roger Vivier Boutique because that‘s the place I got the invitation to! 
They had pralines, rose tea, and these yummy strawberry cream & jam biscuits!

Besides yummy stuff, shoes and bags, they also did Tasseography.
I wanted to take part in the Tasseography, but I‘m only 15 yet and for some mystical reason you can only do it if you're 18. Ok, 3 years more and I can go and let my future be read out of tea leafs. Can‘t wait, wohoo! hehehehe

Trying on Roger Vivier flats.
Those are the special "Limited Edition Metallic Rose Gomette Ballerinas"

There were purple falts too, they really matched with my cardigan and tights.
Btw, purple is the trend colour of winter 2012♥

Model gets her hair done during the photoshoot.
That‘s because it‘s a PR shoot for the hair dresser Errol Douglas live in the La Perla store♥♥♥
The photographer of the fashion shoot also took a picture of me for the FNO website! *blush*

Living mannequin in La Perla‘s display window.

Aww they were sooo nice! The La Perla shop assistant even greeted me with refreshing Lemongrass water. 
I love lemongrass, it‘s like my favourite spice ever♥

Aww a strawberry macaron! I love macarons!

The shop assistants were very friendly and they showed me their bra and undie collections!
Guess what? Their all Japanese inspired, most of them are Kabuki style. So elegant♥
Well I didn't take any pictures of me wearing the underwear, hehe

Ok, I did take pictures but not gonna show them! bleehh : P

Instead of me wearing underwear take a look at the Marni (Yes, yes, Marni and not Armani, many ppl get confused with that lol) coat from this year's winter collection!

My favourite part about this coat are the colour and the collar.
You can fold the collar up so it's like a "turtleneck" and tighten the belt (which is hidden under the collar when not folded) around your neck. 

The coat fit perfectly, except the belt around my waist which was too big. :(

Otherwise, I think it goes perfectly with my red shoes which I‘m wearing in the pic.
Recently I started to like red! hehe

But my favourite coat was definitely this one:

This coat came with a belt too - a belt that was too big for my waist - again.
So the shop assistant gave me a separate belt, not included with the jacket and BAM! it fit perfectly.
Also, the style of this separate belt goes well with this coat, which is harder to do with the red jacket because of it‘s design (but of course you can get a tailor to modify the belt). 

What I REALLY like about this jacket is - that you can wear it with almost anything because of the neutral design.

The coat looks great without the belt too - another thing I'm loving about the design.

Trying on high heels in the Louis Vuitton store.
(Note the Marni balloon, lol)

They are from the most recent Louis Vuitton fashion show.
Would you think that they are comfortable? Of course, they are! I could walk in them four HOURS.
Seriously, those are the most comfortable and good looking high heels ever.

There were black ones too, and I usually don't like brown shoes, but these brown high heels were just sooo different♥ Probably because they remind me of doll shoes♥♥♥

Next stop: Escada!
Pink! I  pink! And this is just such a nice bright pink.

Hmmm comfortable♥♥♥

My favourite top/dress. Wearable with tights, jeans and leggings, heels, ballerinas, boots...everything!
I love these kinds of clothes you can just "jump in" and look great ♥ lol
That‘s really practical when you have these total girl moments like:

"OMMMMG I don't have enough clothes!! TT_TT"

A cute girl who works at the Ted Baker store and was wearing green circle lenses (!!♥) handed out fish and chips made of white chocolate packed in fashionable Ted Baker "newspaper".

 ...then the clock hand pointed to 9(pm)
And I went hoooome....
By tube. 
London's tube is fast and very clean. Wohoo!

Yesterday, the 6th of Semptember 2012, I went to Fashion's Nigh Out in London! 
It was super duper fun and interesting.

Thank you for reading♥

Sweet Greetings,
by Venus