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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Circle Lens Guide

In this video, I'm answering the questions people ask me a lot about circle lenses & showing you how to put them in your eye. 
I hope you find this video helpful & good luck with your circle lenses!

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A Day In Vilnius

Hello my dear fuzzie fuzzles!

This week I traveled with my mom to Vilnius, the capital of beautiful Lithuania where people are so friendly, open & organised! I love it <3 We stayed there for 1 day where we were invited to a TV show and interview, it was really fun! We also had some time to look around in the city and go out ^.^
I made some pictures of the journey, so let's have a look! <3

Flying in a pink airplane, yay!

View from the Hotel, which is situated in the heart of the old town.
As you can see, the old town of Vilnius looks  enchanting...! This day really was like being in a cute little fairy tale town <3
This was our (mom and my) Hotel room; I love how Lithuanians hang decorative carpets on the wall! Hungarians do that too, but I haven't seen this kind of wall protection anywhere else. It's really unique!
 Even though I didn't sleep a whole night through because of the flight & the shooting, I felt really wow and yay because the bed was so comfy & soft...! 

When we arrived at the Hotel we got invited to have a (non-alcoholic, of course haha!) drink at the bar. 
So nice!

My breakfast! Yes. This is one breakfast. For meh. All. For. MEH!!!! (SERIOUSLY)

Ok...if you check my blog erry'day you prolly, you KNOW that I'm on this clean eating challenge and that this breakfast (plus the things below but hey I'm not going to spoil the disappointment lol) is NOT entirely clean....AAAHHH!!

Me and my mom in a restaurant in Vilnius! 

Yummy! Caesar salad with quail egg <3

This magnum opus of taste bud pleaser is called Pizza Siciliana. last name is Palermo.
Now you do the math.

Frozen yogurt with mom in the afternoon! I also drank a herbal tea with it, yum yum!
This yo-yo frozen yogurt cafe was soo cute! 
You could create your own adorable cup of frozen yogurt & choose how much topping you want! I picked melon, choco and plain frozen yogurt and lots of topping. Uh..what kind of topping? Well, LOTS of topping! ;D

The yo-yo cafe also had a huge TV where they played YouTube videos. A girl who was working there didn't know what to tune in to next so I asked if I can choose something. Guess it: I played my own videos, lol! The ones I played were Venus Desu, Peanuts, Popcorn & Real Life Anime: Cupcakes!
They liked my videos, yay!

Lacy = dolly window of an artwork gallery.
In the old city of Vilnius, there are many art galleries, especially ones focusing on glass & stone art!

As you can observe...the weather was perfect!
The old city of Vilnius small, cute, clean and has a lot to see! 

Vilnius is  like a little doll city!
Like a doll house...but it's a city ;D hehe!

Church of St. Catherine 

Magical, isn't it? I always refer to this type of architecture as "tart buildings" hehe...<3

I had an enjoyable time & experience in Vilnius, thank you!
Hopefully I will visit Lithuania again one day and explore more of this exiting country!

Sweet Greetings,


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