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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Bottled Eyeshadow!

Hooohooo, hello every
Remember my blog post about that Super Barbie Pink nail polish? Oh well yeah, so I told you that I bought it with an "3 for 2" promo...uh, right! ^^ This is the 2nd part of it, yeah! Let's continueeeeeee.....

Though it's so simple, this is something I never had or saw before!!
As you see the pic above im holding the item, lol. DId you figure out what it could be? If you dont already know and started guessing know, then don't read the title. SPOILER ALERT, LOL XD 

Basically it has the shape of a small cup, filled with eyeshadow and then you stick in a brush. =_= This just sounds awkward. I mean that the eyeshadow in that bottle fabricated as powder, and the long black stick has a brush on it.
You swipe the brush on your eyelid and makeup is done.

It's so smooooooooooooooooth hmmhmmhmmmhmh.

They come in a few colours. I can remember seeing gold, brown, pink, silver and black ones. Oh, and of course green. Hehe. 
It's from MAX Factor too, as this promotion was limited on items from them - I like MAX Factor, so yeah, nothing to mock.

I only use eyeshadow sometimes...sometimes. But this might be something I could use more often! 
Looks good with my red and orange lip gloss. But using natural colours, like beige, would be better for an everyday look, I think. tehe