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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

♥ Day 10/100 ♥ Clean Eating Challenge

Intake for Day 10 of my 100 day clean eating challenge!

- Breakfast -
I felt really awful this morning so I didn't have breakfast! >.<

- Lunch -
- Steamed Broccoli & Tomato
- Steamed Salmon
- Rosehip tea

note: I'm so going steam things instead of frying them in a pan! It's way healthier & more yummy! *.*

- Dinner -
- Tofu, pak choi & tomato in miso

- Exercise -
I didn't go to the gym today because my mom told me that going to the gym 3 days in a row is a bit too much and I should rest! >.<
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Clean Eating Challenge: Getting Emotional!?

On day 9 of my clean eating challenge, I kind of messed up. But, not like, I gorged on junk food. 
In fact I can't stand seeing cookies or chocolate anymore!

So, what happened is that day 9 went all good, until like 7.30pm. I started getting worried, shaky & dizzy all of sudden! Then, I obviously wanted to stop feeling like that so I thought I should have 1/2 of my favourite fruit: The mango!! ^.^ 
(Even now I just get happy thinking about mangoes....<3)

1/2 of a rather big mango. That's over 23g sugar! I still felt really bleh. 
So I had the other half of the mangooo! 

Venus, you're a dummy. You knew where this was leading, right?
Anyway. Bananas? No question. I love them! Let's have one. 
Only one???  But Venus, I thought that today's the last day you're eating bananas: they've got too many carbohydrates! Never eat them again! But, they're your favourite thing! Go ahead. One more, you'll be happy! What? Why? Why two bananas? I thought 3 is your lucky number!
Wait...'the heck do you want me to do? Eat two more bananas, because 5 is pretty number? 
Go away. You're tricking me again!
So I went away. Then, back again. Back to the kitchen. 
Hey, you. Yeah, you. You messed up! Wanna mess up some more? When you've already messed up, messing up some more won't make a difference! 

...And that's how I messed up "some more". Although, only on clean things, and I didn't go over my daily calorie needs for my height & weight. Also, I went to the gym afterwards, and burned 500 calories on cardio machines.

When things like this happen...don't be mad at yourself ^.^
It's a 100 day clean eating challenge, because it is challenging...and we can't get better if we don't make mistakes sometimes. Mistakes are there to learn. o3o
If you don't like yourself, and accept what happened, it will most likely happen again. >.<

Today, I thought that I should fast, but then I changed my mind and decided to make today a better & healthier day! It worked ^.^
Also, mom told me it's OK to have a cheat day a week. But I said "No, cheat days are for cheaters!"

Going to the gym now, buh-bye-bye-boooh!

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♥ Day 9/100 ♥ Clean Eating Challenge

Day 9 of 100!

- Breakfast -
- 250ml semi skimmed milk
- 30g Walnuts
- 1 Saturn peach

 - Lunch -
- Steamed Broccoli & Tomato
- Scrambled Egg Whites
- Rosehip tea

- Dinner -
- 1/2 Salmon Steak
- Cherries
- Rosehip tea

- Snacks -
- Coffee with 70ml semi skimmed milk

Not on the picture:
1 Mango
3 Bananas
Dried Apricots

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Monday, July 29, 2013

♥ Day 8/100 ♥ Clean Eating Challenge

Intake & Exercise for day 8 of my 100 day clean eating challenge!

- Breakfast -
- 2 Bananas
- 1 large orange

Note: Ooops! I guess I had too much fruit again. Also, I wanted to quit eating bananas....but, it was so early in the morning (5am) and I totally forgot about what I planned to do! I was half asleep and saw those two bananas, and all I could think was "BEWNANAS. OMNOMNOMNOM" @_@...

 - Lunch -
- Cod Liver 
- Raw spinach leaves

 - Dinner -
- Raw spinach leaves
- Celery
- About 130g plain organic yogurt

- Rosehip Tea
- 1 Saturn peach

- Coffee with 100ml skimmed milk
- 2 egg whites

Exercise - Today was cardio day!
Elliptical - 35min (200 calories burned)
Staircase - 18min (150 calories burned)
Walking on the treadmill - 25min (100 calories burned)

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Hyper Japan 2013 - Kawaii Event Report!

A marshmallow fluff hug and a sprinkle of glitter on you, and welcome to my Kawaii Event Report of

   HYPER JAPAN 2013   

Yay! It was a perfect dolly day out, met a lot of Fangelics, exchanged hugs and pictures, got interviewed for NHK's Kawaii International, of which I'm a huge fan of and can't wait to see the show! BUT! there's something else I also can't wait to do...
and they will surely make your heart sparkle as much as mine! *kyun* *blush* Yay!


Here I'm wearing my new doll style necklace, which I find that it is one of the most unique in my collection! <3
The handmade, slick plastic ribbon has a cartoon like design and is held by a light silver coloured chain with shiny pearls in dreamy pastel colours ~

Overall, the necklace reminds me of something a cute little Japanese doll like Licca-Chan would wear!

I'm quite amazed when I look at the necklace and realize it's actually handmade because it looks so perfect! Oh no! I haven't even mentioned yet by whose hand it was made >3< lol

The designer and maker of this fabulousity (is that actually a word? if not then now it is mwahaha) has the sugary name "Miss Whimsical Cupcake"! I met the super sweet Miss Whimsical Cupcake and her awesome team at one of the Hyper Japan stands and I must admit that her items really stood out from the rest! 

And of course, Miss Whimsical Cupcake also has a cute website ( with info's and announcements, although you should definitely check her Facebook where she has lots of pictures of her quirky creations! ^.^

*spaced out, thinking about cake n stuff*

 The necklace itself is called "Cream Puff", yummm! They have it in more colours, like pastel violet. But, I felt like now that I changed my hair to honey blonde, softer colours suit me more ^^

 In case you got hungry from reading about cream puffs and cupcakes, it's time to convert us back and see how cute healthy stuff can be!

These are molds. No...not molds for making chocolate pudding.
They're molds for my favourite, fat free protein power foods: BOILED EGGS! 

 To be more exact, they're called egg shapers, and here's how to use them!

1.- Make boiled eggs!
2.- Lift the hot, boiled eggs carefully, with a big cooking spoon out of the water to place them in a bowl.
3.- Hold the bowl under a stream of cold water for a few seconds. We just want the shell to be not so hot anymore. When done, dry and peel!

Now, place the warm egg in the egg shaper and close with the clip!
Place the egg shaper in the fridge or a bowl of ice water to let the egg adapt to the shape of the mold.

Take the eggs out of the shaper after 20-30 minutes and you should have a cutely shaped egg and make everyone jealous! ;D haha

Here's my lunch with a bunny shaped egg! <3

For those wondering where they can get egg shapers like these online: The stand where I got them from also have a website! Yay!

The shop is called "B-Gagdets" and they sell lots of really cool beauty stuff from Japan! I also got a face slimming tool from them, but because it's such a broad topic I'll write a blog post especially for it! 

It's a sweets making set! 
BUT. The sweets are made of clay!
So this is just perfect for a sweets addict like me who is on a 100 day clean eating challenge @3@ lol!

The how-to text is all in Japanese, but since the instructions include well detailed drawings, it's also easy to understand for those who don't know the language!

The exact same set is also available here, at the "Kawaii Hunnies" shop!

Kawaii Hunnies have all the kawaii and fun Japanese candies, deco sets, keychains, jewellery...everything cute and sweet. If you ever find yourself confuzzled about what kind of present to get for someone, I'd say give them something Japanese and kawaii!
 It makes everyone haaaappppy! <3

Remember my panda bento cooking video? Of course you do, how can someone forget THAT, haha
Well, this is very similar!

You can make cute macaron, ice cream & cake key chains and decorate them with rhinestones, pearls, hearts annnnd cute little fake fruits! 

Sounds just perfect! I really should make a video with it...*twirls non-existent moustache*


I saved the best part of this blog entry for the end.
It's my new little cutie. A plush alpaca. A big, fluffy, puffy alpaca.

And most importantly, it's original from the Japanese Alpaca plush brand, Alpacasso!

I'm gonna treasure it for a long, looong time.
So...cute. *teary eyes*

The owner of the shop Kawaii Kollective, where the Alpaca is from, Emma, is so NICE and ADORABLE! <3
She said that she saw me on YouTube and that she likes my makeup videos! 
I'm so happy to know that! *.*

She had a cute instant photo camera, and my mom took two pictures of us!
One of the two polaroids she gave to me, which is in the picture above!

You can also put sticker frames on the polaroid! How cute is that!? o3o

Here is Emma's shop Facebook page! 

My life is over.
It's too cute.
Brb dying.

See you!

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Clean Eating Challenge: The next level!

Hey, heeeey, heya!

As I mentioned in a post before, I decided to make this week more challenging, followed by an even more difficult fasting week! 

Observing the first week, I noticed that my intakes include more fruit than veggies o3o
If I wanna do REALLY well (and I want to! ^^) I will have to limit fruits to 2-3 servings a day & make space for MOAR broccoli & spinach!

 Dried fruits like my beloved raisins or plums are also a no-go! They've already been processed, so I can't consider those as entirely "clean".  
Today, I was so, SO tempted to have dried apricots with my coffee, but luckily I was smart enough and turned to egg whites. Yaaay! 

Saying that, I'm cutting out all grains and instead try to focus more on protein and healthy fats.
To get more protein, I will also consider drinking egg whites from now on!

I decided to do a fast after this week, because I feel like you need at least 2 weeks so your body can adjust to the better, healthy stuff & do a detox then, to get rid of all the toxins! My preparation for the detox week starts on Friday, becaaaause then I have to start eating lighter stuff so my blood levels don't drop like BAM! when there's no food >3< 

AND, of course I will keep you guys updated everyday!

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Sunday, July 28, 2013

♥ Day 7/100 ♥ Clean Eating Challenge

Yaaay! I finished the first week of my clean eating challenge! I'll make the next two weeks a bit more challenging though...hoho. 

Here's my intake & exercise for day 7 of 100:

- Breakfast -
- Walnuts, 35g
- Yogurt, 145g
- Blueberries
- 1/2 Mango

- Yes. That bunny is an egg. (And I'll write about how I made it tomorrow soon!)
- Blueberries
- 1/2 Mango

- Dinner -
- 1 Banana
- Blueberries
- 40g Yogurt
- Rosehip tea

- Coffee with 100ml skimmed milk
- 3 dried apricots 

AND, I had a second cup of coffee with 100ml skimmed milk, which I didn't take a picture of. Kyaaa.

Set 1 - Legs
Elliptical - 10min
Squats  - 3x30
Toe Raises  - x100
Wall sit - 60sec
Staircase - 5min
Toe Raises - x100
Lounges (with 2kg dumbbells) - 3x30
Wall sit - 60sec
Set 2 - Arms (with 2kg dumbbells)
Flies - x30
On-knee push ups - x25
Press - x30
On-knee push ups - x30
Curls - x30

Set 3 - Abs
70 Russian Twists
20sec plank
50 crunches
20sec plank
25 situps

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Saturday, July 27, 2013

♥ Day 6/100 ♥ Clean Eating Challenge

If you're stalking me on this blog, Twitter or Facebook, or just everywhere, then you surely know that today I went to an event called HYPER JAPAN and that means...
Japanese (fast) food stalls.
Cute Japanese candy.
White Carbohydrates & FAT.


So I'm on a day out. What should I do to not starve but still "eat clean"?
First, oat bars like those from Nature Valley might sound like a smacking healthy and convenient idea. BUT. When I turned around the packaging an red the nutrition label, my inner scream teared appart the faint threads in my soul. 
And then, like always, I found a solution! 

Yeees. Yes.
I baked myself oatmeal & wheat bran bars with dried apricots and 
walnuts. Nutritious, high fibre, yummy and most importantly: made with clean ingredients!
I made 5 of them and had those during the day. Really practical because those bars don't make stuff dirty! 

I put the 5 bars in an air-tight box to carry 'em 'round in mah bag.

-1 homemade oatmeal bar
- Dried plums, 30g
- Plain organic natural yogurt, 65g
- Coffee with 100ml skimmed milk

-2nd breakfast- (3 hours after the 1st one)
- 1 homemade oatmeal bar
- 1 banana

- Just more oatmeal bars -
Super healthy high fibre power oatmeal bars next to mom's okonomiyaki.

Super awesome homemade by Venus oatmeal bars next to a black coffee.

The last two incredible homemade by no other than Venus oatmeal bars next to a cup of peppermint tea.

- Snack -
65g organic plain natural yogurt with half an apple.

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♥ Day 5/100 ♥ Clean Eating Challenge

Intake & Exercise for day 5 of my 100 day clean eating challenge! 


- Oats, 40g
- Dried plums, 40g
- Plain Natural Yogurt 80g
- And, not shown in the pic: Coffee with 100ml skimmed milk


- Rosehip tea
- 60g Organic Brown Rice Noodles mixed with 55g Kimchi
-1 fried egg 


- 1 Banana
- 1/2 Grapefruit
- Dried plums, 32g

- Snacks -
- An apple! (After work-out snack! ^.^)

Today wrote myself a workout program. It's small, but still high impact! 

Set 1 - Legs
Elliptical, 5min
 100 Jumping Jacks
30 Squats
50sec wall sit
Staircase, 5min
100 Jumping jacks
30 Lounges
60sec wall sit

Set 2 - Arms (with 3kg dumbbells)
Triceps extension x25
On-knee push-ups x25
Upwards press x25

Set 3 - Abs
3x 30 Russian Twists
- 20 Crunches

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