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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Clean Eating Challenge: Getting Emotional!?

On day 9 of my clean eating challenge, I kind of messed up. But, not like, I gorged on junk food. 
In fact I can't stand seeing cookies or chocolate anymore!

So, what happened is that day 9 went all good, until like 7.30pm. I started getting worried, shaky & dizzy all of sudden! Then, I obviously wanted to stop feeling like that so I thought I should have 1/2 of my favourite fruit: The mango!! ^.^ 
(Even now I just get happy thinking about mangoes....<3)

1/2 of a rather big mango. That's over 23g sugar! I still felt really bleh. 
So I had the other half of the mangooo! 

Venus, you're a dummy. You knew where this was leading, right?
Anyway. Bananas? No question. I love them! Let's have one. 
Only one???  But Venus, I thought that today's the last day you're eating bananas: they've got too many carbohydrates! Never eat them again! But, they're your favourite thing! Go ahead. One more, you'll be happy! What? Why? Why two bananas? I thought 3 is your lucky number!
Wait...'the heck do you want me to do? Eat two more bananas, because 5 is pretty number? 
Go away. You're tricking me again!
So I went away. Then, back again. Back to the kitchen. 
Hey, you. Yeah, you. You messed up! Wanna mess up some more? When you've already messed up, messing up some more won't make a difference! 

...And that's how I messed up "some more". Although, only on clean things, and I didn't go over my daily calorie needs for my height & weight. Also, I went to the gym afterwards, and burned 500 calories on cardio machines.

When things like this happen...don't be mad at yourself ^.^
It's a 100 day clean eating challenge, because it is challenging...and we can't get better if we don't make mistakes sometimes. Mistakes are there to learn. o3o
If you don't like yourself, and accept what happened, it will most likely happen again. >.<

Today, I thought that I should fast, but then I changed my mind and decided to make today a better & healthier day! It worked ^.^
Also, mom told me it's OK to have a cheat day a week. But I said "No, cheat days are for cheaters!"

Going to the gym now, buh-bye-bye-boooh!

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