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Monday, July 22, 2013

100 Day Clean Eating Challenge

Reading the title, you might think now, 
what the heck is this challenge that I want to put myself under for 100 days and WHY!?

Well, let me explain you. This challenge is all about eating clean and it is very simple to understand:

For 100 days, I'm not eating anything
1) Processed
2) Fried or sugary
3) White carbs like bread/crackers, white rice

But...I'm allowed to eat
- Veggies
- Fruits
- Lean Protein 
- Healthy fats found in avocado, salmon & nuts like almonds 
- Whole grains such as brown rice & quinoa

So as you can see, this is not a "fad diet", as "diets" are not considered to be healthy or a long time solution. What I'm doing is changing what I eat to be more healthy and...I really, REALLY want to let go of wanting to eat sweet things!

 You know that I love cupcakes, chocolate and all kinds of cute candies. They make me happy, but then again, they make me sad because they're unhealthy, fat & sugary and can lead to unhealthy weight gain! ...Which has additional consequences! ;_;

I thought about keeping this challenge a secret for me, but then I realised that it'd be super fun to share healthy recipes & fitness tips with chu guys! Also, I'm keeping a diary for every day, yes, EVERY DAY of my 100 Day Clean Eating Challenge, so I can show you that it is indeed possible to eat healthy even when you're travelling, studying for a test, stressed, going to an event with lots of yummy stuff & you're tempted, blah blah blah!

Let's GO! 

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