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Sunday, December 25, 2011

I wish ALL of you a Memorable, Merry X'MAS! ♥

Please let me know, what you got and what you ate, with who you spent these special days...!

Angelic kisses

Monday, December 12, 2011

Differences between London and Tenerife!

Hello everyone!
How is everyone? Having cold? Having warm?
I tought it would be fun to nibble on my jersey...^____^ It was!!
Me, im not just fine, im also happy! In London, im happier than on Teneriffe, despite the cold weather!
Actually, its easier to catch a cold in Teneriffe than in London! I had about 2 - 3 colds a year in Tenerife...
Air in London differs from the one in Teneriffe alot, you know?  There is a type of weather that is quite common in the Canary Islands, its called "calima" (dry smog).

This phenomen happens when dust particles from the Sahara are transported per wind to the Islands.  The canary Islands is geographically in Africa, but politically its a part of Europe. Tenerife is the 4th of 7 islands of the archipelago.  Back to the calima, you can recognize it when the sky changes its colour into a light grey brown tone, the mountains appear as a silhouette, the weather becomes very hot and it hardly ever rains. Thats, of course, because of the dusty air, and when the air is clean, you can see the mountains better because there is no dust that can manipulate sight. Dusty air can be a problem for people with if you want to spend your vacations there just make sure you check the weather report! ^___^

By the way, its mostly warm in Tenerife, but thats also the reason why I havent got so many warm clothes...Most of them are light shirts and stuff! So I took as many warm clothes I have to London. After two visits, I knew that London is a cold (and sometimes rainy) place. Yes, I already was two times in London before I immigrated.
Soooo thats why mommy and I went shopping for some wam clothes. Ok...I dont find shopping fun...Especially because of these reasons:

1.- It takes time.
2.- It takes money.
3.- It takes nerves.

But I found something I like!!

Tadaaa! This "Oscar Loves Trash" jersey!!

Oscar is a character from "The Sesame Street".

I choosed this one because:

1.- I like oversized jerseys.
2.- I like cartoon characters. 
3.- I like it that the character has got a monobrow! This beats shimura kens eyebrows in baka tono!!
4.- I often do eyebrow gags in my niconico live broadcast.
5.- The red of the tee is not too strong. I dont like a too reddish red, as I find that it doesnt fit with my pale skin tone...>_< In a strict sense;  this jersey has the right red tone for me!

Oscar loves mayuge!! ^_^

Another thing I think is cool, that on the back of the tee, is also a quote and Oscars eyes and monobrow!

Me, wearing my new favourite piece!!
Fuh, I made a whole blog post about this jersey! (^.^);;
After all, its my favourite one! 

Have a nice wintery time, 
Sweet Greetings

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Immigrating is way toooooo exciting!

Before you start reading, find the chubby bunny in this picture!

Hey my everbuddies!

Did you know? I uploaded a video, about my immigration to London, to YouTube!

Let's watch it by clicking this link: Hello! My name is Link! Click me, and I'll love you!

I took so many pictures of the beautiful (but somewhat frightening) sky! After all, you dont get to go fly in an airplane everyday.
Well, I always get scared in the airplane that we might fly up to outer space. Really, every, time. But of course, I know that this is not possible (I hope so). (^_^)v

I like taking photos of the sky when I'm in the airplane. Its beautiful, dont you think?

The flight from London to Tenerife was about 4h30min, and I didnt have anything for breakfast so my chibi stomach made peko peko (in Japanese, this is the sound for when you are hungry!) the whole time O_O;;
But it stopped making peko peko when a Blueberry muffin and hot chocolate were put into my ponpon (ponpon means stomach in Japanese baby language! )

This is the Blueberry muffin and the hot chocolate drink.

Flying is actually quite fun♪

London is a place where I like to be♥ Im not sad that I leaved Tenerife. Quite contrary to that Im very delighted! London is so big and interesting, its a "cosmopolitan city"! Dont you think that this sounds so cool? Also, british people are very polite.

Look left, look right, and also, look both ways. Aaaannnd! Dont forget to mind the gap. Also notice strange people and dont get knocked over by a police horse or a flying elephant. Or Elton John. Or a starbucks cookie. By the way, I like London! : )

 I prefer the British culture more than the Spanish culture, though I must say that I learned (including the Spanish language, hehe ^^) and saw many interesting things during the time I lived in Tenerife.

An immigration can be somewhat stressful, and needs to be planned and discussed troughoutly.
Mommy managed to pack all our stuff and let them ship to our new home in London. That was a lot of work for a single mommy, thank you! ♥

At the end of our living in Spain we went in a cafè sometimes, because we had to pack everything in to boxes including pans, forks, etc.


I made a picture of how tea is made! TADAAA!

My artistic snapshot of how tea is made. hehe! (^_^)
This cream and jam sandiwch was very sweet and big! But thats no problem for me, after all I love sweet things! >_<

And this is cinnamoroll, sprinkled with raisins. When sweets have a special shape, like this one is spireale shaped, its even cuter!

And this is a yogurt flavored ice cream. It melted quickly, or maybe I was just too slow...>_<;;

And of course dont forget THE ULTIMATE CAKE in the first kawaii cafe in Tenerife. Hehe...! : )

Whats more...?

Ok, thats all! See you guys!