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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

What I do when I can't decide between crazy and just plain simple!

Hello and Happy Wednesday!

In my last blog post I made my first outfit pic, which was a bit tricky, but as promised, I managed to find out how to make outfit pics (that aren't blurry or the camera covering my face and I can't even see and stuff huh).

Ohhh, and I also told you that I went to Oxford Circus, but I didn't tell you what I did there. But I'm sure I told you that I'm gonna tell you today what I did there,  and I'm gonna do it RIGHT NOW!

SO the reason why I went to crowdy Oxford Circus is because I had to buy 3 pieces of a certain white blouse. 



It's not just a white blouse.
It's a SIMPLE white blouse.
SOOOOO freakin' simple that you can wear it whatev' ya want with it!

Spring is here, wear the white blouse!!! 
Summer comes, wear the white blouse (and al gusto pull the sleeves up to make yourself look super chillin')
"After summer follows autumn, in that golden time the maidens shall wear the white blouse with a frilly ribbon jacket.", said mother nature.
And in winter pull over a fluffy jersey over the white blouse and to nerdify the look wear big glasses (you know those big glasses that kawaii girls wear and then make the duck mouth?? exactly those glasses. nerdy glasses. huhu.)

After all that cool stuff I just said I finally show you my outfit pics (ATTENTION: white blouse!!)


Outfit Index:
  • White blouse combined with pink frilly pants.
  • Because those are high-waist pants, I tucked the blouse in, but because  the frill isn't too dominant, it's also cute when the blouse hangs over the pants.
  • I use white lace tights instead of socks to create a balance between different colours and body proportion. 

Outfit Index:
  • Because both the blouse and the overall's colours are neutral, I wear a red ribbon.  Red is a more dominant colour and gives the outfit a feeling. Without anything colourful on my head the outfit would be a bit cold, right? 

Outfit Index:

  • First and most important thing: I tried to imitate a pop art look. lol.
  • As you see it consists of only black and white. But white is dominant. I don't like black as the dominant colour because it makes me look even MORE pale (in a bad way, i mean, haha XD)
  • Also a pro of this outfit is that it looks classy, but you are still able to move awkwardly (see pic bottom right, lol XD) thanks to this handy white blouse and the skirt's nylon belt! haha.

I know, this isn't a complete outfit, but did you know that another pro of that simple white blouse is, that you can wear like numerous super interesting necklaces, without weird looks of people, that you would mostly get when wearing them with lolita clothes or japanese street style. haha. But with a white blouse some crazier accesories are OK if you're just doing normal stuff. 
haha and lol. : ) 

So why a white blouse really is that important:

Because you can combine it with outstanding items, and still look "everday cute".


Simple as that.

Have a nice day! CHUUU!

Friday, March 9, 2012

I want to yawn!! ♥


It's Friday evening here in London! 
Today, I recorded a video. It a secret! I can't tell you more than "tutorial". : D Well, you can still guess what it might be, right?! 

And then, I did a japanese live broadcast. 
This is what I wore:

Outfit index:

Baby-blue Sailor Shirt: Bodyline
White frilly-end skirt: Metamorphose
White lace thights: ? (I have no clue where we got them, but I bet they are already antique, lol...? hehe. ^^)

I always wanted to do outfit pics, but I didn't really know how to shoot full body pictures of me by myself. Huh. I'm trying to figure out a method, so I can post more outfit pics! : D I hope, that I can post a better pic already tomorrow. Pinky promise! Hehe

And another pic! This what I made for lunch: 

Hm, there isn't an actual recipe, because I don't consider this as cooking, hehe.
I cut an english muffin in half, smear mustard on it. 
(Because I put mustard on everything and then i'm like AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH my noze is burninnnggg - but it's good.Did I already tell you that I'm extremely hipster? hohoho ). 
And nope, that's not a fried egg, it's a steamed egg! And the other muffin is topped with 3 slices of camembert. The heart is made of radish. Next is the salad: Carrot sticks, apple and radish. By the way, doesn't the radish look like cute little smurf mushrooms? 

 : )))) I did it on purpose cuz im very hip and hop and stuff. 

Then I went to Oxford Circus and that's what I will tell you tomorrow because it's too dark for photos arggghhh.

Good Night

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Bottled Eyeshadow!

Hooohooo, hello every
Remember my blog post about that Super Barbie Pink nail polish? Oh well yeah, so I told you that I bought it with an "3 for 2" promo...uh, right! ^^ This is the 2nd part of it, yeah! Let's continueeeeeee.....

Though it's so simple, this is something I never had or saw before!!
As you see the pic above im holding the item, lol. DId you figure out what it could be? If you dont already know and started guessing know, then don't read the title. SPOILER ALERT, LOL XD 

Basically it has the shape of a small cup, filled with eyeshadow and then you stick in a brush. =_= This just sounds awkward. I mean that the eyeshadow in that bottle fabricated as powder, and the long black stick has a brush on it.
You swipe the brush on your eyelid and makeup is done.

It's so smooooooooooooooooth hmmhmmhmmmhmh.

They come in a few colours. I can remember seeing gold, brown, pink, silver and black ones. Oh, and of course green. Hehe. 
It's from MAX Factor too, as this promotion was limited on items from them - I like MAX Factor, so yeah, nothing to mock.

I only use eyeshadow sometimes...sometimes. But this might be something I could use more often! 
Looks good with my red and orange lip gloss. But using natural colours, like beige, would be better for an everyday look, I think. tehe