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Monday, February 13, 2012

Super Barbie Pink!

New nail polish, huhu ^^

Awww, everything looks better on long nails but it can be really so hard to let them grow out....
And they often break after a certain amount of time!! HNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGG!!!!

I don't use fake long nails because I'm still so young but I try my best at letting my nails grow naturally!
So I do things like various coats of nail polish and shaping my nails to make them stronger, so they don't break and can get longer. Also, filing your nails "rounded" is better than "straight" because the round shape gives a stronger structure.

My Manicure Routine: 

1.- Shaping
2.- Polishing
3.- Base Coat
4.- Nail Polish
5.- Top Coat

Various coats of nail polish form like a protective wall on your nails, which makes them stronger so they don't break! If you choose the right products, then they take good care of your nails and give them elasticity.
That's how I do my nails!

I own different nail polishes, but not all colour suit me well...because my skin is so pale it can be really hard to find nail polish...Black looks too gothic, orange like Halloween, Baby Pink too much like flesh (ewww, but lol  hehe ><), blue looks bit yeah, colours like red, yellow, forest green or this super barbie pink I got today at Superdrug! yay!

I bought it using a promotion: 3 for 2!
This means, if you buy 3 items, you only pay the price of 2! Basically, you get the cheapest item out of 3 free. Isn't this awesoooome? OMG, I tell you guys, only shop with promotions, lol, but it makes more happy, knowing the fact that you get 1 item free! FREEEEE!!!! wohooo! But of course you plan it well, like me for example ; ) hehe, so I choose 2 items for the same price, and the cheapest one is 1£ less expensive than the other 2 and turns free! Yep, yep, yep. That's how ya do it.

Soooo, well yeah that's the first item I choosed! Blog entries about the 2 other items are coming soon, so check out my blog frequently

The colour catched my eye and it was love at first sight (lol) because the colour was soooo bright and spiked out of all the other neutral tones! The polish is from Max Factor, and they call this colour "Disco Pink", but when I saw it, I thought it was the "Super Barbie Pink", lol ^^ But it's so hard to find nice pink tones, especially when I lived in Tenerife there were very few shops that actually sold polish in an acceptable quality...TT_TT And also because I have a pink nail polish which I used pretty often but actually didn't fit my skin tone well, so yeah I'm happy that I found the perfect nail polish colour, so from now on I will wear it often (I think I will wear it ALWAYS though, not "only" often, lol XD)

Looking at this colour makes so happy. It's my "wow" colour. lol. You know when you see something and just wanna say "wooooooooooow. Actually I say something  like "waaaaaaaaaaaw". idk lol XD