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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Doll glasses

Oh, HI!

And a pink welcome to this blog entry! : D You know I love you! 

Do dolls wear glasses? 
Can you still look like a doll when wearing glasses?
Why do dolls need glasses? I don't think they can have distorted vision, right? 
Oh well, I do know the answer, and, lucky you, will hear it! Now.
Le answer is: Yes.
BUT, there's ONE RULE!
1.- It has to be dolly style.
Dat izz u: So dolly style glasses? Is there some kind of shop specialised in dollified glasses, huh?
Oa maibi nod. A dunnooh.
So the easiest way to get a frame that fits your style and personality, is going to a "glasses store"! It doesn't has to be some kind of uber posh store, not at all! Just pop inside your local optical aid merchant and try on any kind of frame you like, even try on such you would never think that they could look fabulous on you!
Have some self confidence, and ask yourself:
- Do these glasses make me prettier, uglier, or even more interesting?
- Does they match with my makeup? 
- Or could I wear another makeup with those glasses, and look even better?
Also it depends on what kind of events you want to wear the glasses and how you want to represent yourself.

Sometimes you have to look for hours, but mostly, when you found your beloved one, then it's like the "you know it" feeling! ;D
Sometimes you look good in something, but think: it's weird. You're actually scared because you never experienced looking at a different, cuter you! But of course, if you look double dumb, then don't try to convince yourself that they "aren't that bad". @__@
Well this blog entry about glasses doesn't just come out of the blue, I actually got a new pair of glasses a week ago! 

I need glasses? Fashionally: YES. But definitely not because of my eyes. I made an eye test (was free because I'm still 15, yay!) and the optician told me that I have perfect vision! I was very glad to hear that! Well, thanks to mommy, who tought me not to read in the dark, or watch too much television! 
To my surprise, those window glasses make my eyes 
all shiny and sparkly, that's so cooooooool! @w@

So my glasses lenses are just "windows". It's just Fashion! : )

The thing is that I like to wear glasses to make my outfit look cuter and to build upon it! Another thing I like about glasses is that they make you look smart, they make you look like you're always thinking about some hard stuff! That's very cool, I guess, hehe! AND THE OTHER THING is that they enhance your eyes and face a lot! They give you a whole new charisma, so they are the perfect fashion accessory, don't you think? ; )

The reason I choosed those round glasses are, because they are very dolly (round glasses look vintage) AND because they fit my face very well, and same as the glasses frame my face is very round, it isn't very edgy (it's very curvy I'd say, haha).

Those are a special brand, actually, they are designed by Gok Wan!  I got them very cheap because I'm still 15, yay! Gok Wan is a British fashion consultant, author and television presenter of British Chinese heritage. He produces many glasses in that kind of style, well, not round ones only, but in that kind of style. Just ask Google sensei. =_=
(photo is license free from wikipedia)

Colour? Black! I guess black is the best colour for glasses, in my opinion.
Some cool thing to try out would be sticking rhinestones and ribbons on a glass frame! That'd be definitely cute❤ Actually I really wanna try that some day! : S

Pull the glasses a bit down and it makes you look even smarter and "thinking-deep looking!" ; D
Hehe. So that's how I wear glasses with my dolly style! Have a nice day!

Sweet Greetings
by Venus

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter Chocolate Time!




Or should I say Happy Easter Tea Time?! ; D
Because yesterday MOMMYand I went to Costa and had fun fun "tea time" with 20oz hot chocolate   and yummy coffee-walnut cake!!

The hot chocolate was seriously HUGE and monsterloaded with whip cream! And the whip cream was sprinkled with cocoa powder! The hot choco was a lot, but I managed it all!
 I know, that I probably could have kept a bit for another DIY choco mask, but sometimes putting things inside works outside as well! 

OMG look!
The cup is bigger than my head! (lololol)

Cake, Reader.
Reader, Cake.
I hope you will get along well! 
The cake has name! It's called: Coffe Walnut Cake!
Tastes even better than the name sounds! It had a creamy topping!
Don't worry, the cake didn't have coffein in it, it's ONLY THE FLAVOR! : D


After a realxing morning tea time we went to  Harrods !

The things in Harrods are cute and soooo lovely, but pretty expensive too!
I saw some awesome the one which is like a golden basket! Huhu!
I didn't take pics of the store inside, but I tried on a cute outfit from GUESS!

Perfect for summer! 
Actually, I don't even like to expose my skin in summer that much, because of the bad and evil UV rays, which are the strongest during that period of year and can cause cancer and photoaging. And also because I'm not a friend of tanning/sunbathing, you knooooow? But I definitely would wear this outfit with a light jacket or something ...

So we spent a big time of Saturday in Harrods, after all,  it's a huge shopping centre, right?!
They have tons of of cosmetics there, and I tried out many lashes started looking weird after applying 3 layers of different mascara...But it was fuuun!

♪The day my lashes bathed in mascaraaaaaaaaaaaaa♪
We also got cute cosmetic products, which I will show you then in my new tutorials! 

Anyways the time passed like ice cream in an 200°C heated oven!! ; D hoho
So outside of the Harrods universe we saw uber cute cakes, but then we decided to lunch something healthier, cause we already had cake in the morning, and seriously, I don't want to turn into pom pom purin's size!!!

So mommy and me like Japanese food, so when we saw a restaurant called "wasabi", we went there to eat a bento! 
Mommy had a sushi bento and mine was a chicken katsu bento (pic above)! 
(katsu is short for katsuretsu = cottelette). 
My bento was with edamame salad and japanese rice.  I think that the rice there might be nishiki because of texture and consistence, which I like so much! It was so yummy! : D 

I had a lovely EASTER WEEKEND!

Anyways, let's have fun and a nice time!
Many puchi chu chu from venus!

Friday, April 6, 2012

I will hide Easter cupcakes in your garden!


How have you been? 
Oh, thanks, I'm EXCELLENT, no, nooo, BRILLIANT!!!
Well, since you've done this long way to my blog, I'd like to offer you a cup of tea. 
Here you go!
Oh, I love you
Ah, this is actually camomile tea. I haven't got anything different at home. Excuse-moi
Oh, be careful, It might be too hot. TOOO HOT!!! 
Don't worry, I'm not angry. It's just the carpet of this blog entry.
Swipe ya cursor and it's clean. See? Isn't that bad : D


I'd LOVE to offer you some homemade cupcakes, but I just got some new tools from....

parapara bam bam, ohhhhh yeah:


Ikea is kawaii, I think! I go shopping there since i'm 7 years old, I think! WOW!
The reason I think that Ikea is kawaii is BECAUSE...they have many cute items in pastel colours, cute patterns and shapes...and when you dress cute, your home should look cute too, right? After all, it's not home sweet home, when it would be bitter. Home bitter home. I wouldn't wanna go home if it's cold and dark in my nest (made of wire) . But I like going home having cuteness in my nest (made of cotton candy) . Oh yeah. : D

Oh, right, CUPCAKES!!!

Don't worry, theres only a very tiny possibility I forgot what I'm going to talk about.......
The basic for baking cupcakes! I couldn't bake cupcakes because there wasn't any basic for cupcakes in my kitchen's cupboard...But now there is!! And it's cute! CUTE CUPCAKE BASIC!

So anyway, what's the mots important for baking cupcakes besides the recipe?
Cupcake Molds! They are a part of the cupcake basic, you know? 
Guess what, they are from iiiiikeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaa! And they look CUTE! VERY CUTE! SUPER MEGA ULTRA CUTE!
But not only that, they are made of silicon, yeah! SUPER SILICON! YEAHHH!
So this means I can use them more than just once, and it's also muchy muchy easier to push out the cupcakes (if you feel like......)

Well, with silicon cupcake moulds life never gets boring! Especially not when that mould is pink and flawaahh shaped! ✿

My favorite part of making cupcakes is making the topping!
Especially the icing is very omnomnomnomom. But as everything has a price, yumminess costs calories.


And as I told you before, the topping is my favourite part, you can guess that I like, no I LOVE mking the topping AS CUTE AS POSSIBLE!  (cuteness is unlimited, I think, but whatevvveerrr rawr, meow)


I always wanted to have a piping bag to make my cupcakes uber cute! But now, EVEN BETTER, it has got caps in cute shapes! OMG, my cupcakes will look like princesses, I have to start giving them names, awww, sob sob

What an artistic snapshot of mine! : D Well, still just piping bag caps, but good piping bag caps. Oh wait, there's something SERIOUSLY WRONG. Ö.Ö I mean CUTE PIPING BAG CAPS! : D

And another think I like in IKEA is the nomy swedish food! Ohoho
I love seafood, such as prawns! Yay!
Oh, and I have NO CLUE what kind of bread that was but I think it must be Yeah I guess so.
Anyway, very nomy sandwich! : D

Today is Good Friday! WOHOOO, EASTER HOLIDAY! I wear a fluffy white parka because I'm a easter bunny! I will hide Easter cupcakes in your garden! or flower beet! or bath tub! or or even in your bag of crisps! or in your tea pot! 


made in london