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Friday, August 31, 2012

HOW TO CUTIFY! #1 Strawberry Basket

Hello my crafty pepperonis!

If you saw my new video about how to cutify your boring notebook, then you already know that I got really crafty recently! 

Well, I always loved crafting since I was a little kiddie, lol!
See this basket made by 10-year-old-Venus!  ♥
I‘m still using this basket for storing pens, pencils, erasers, etc. on my desk. ^^

But I thought that this basket needs a bit more "pop"!

★So I‘m showing you how I cutified this basket in less than 5 minutes!★

That‘s what I used: A pink band from a sewing supply store, and a strawberry motive which once fell of from a hair band!

The basket has opening, in which I'm looping the band trough. ♥


When I finished looping trough all openings, it looked like this ↑

Then I tie one ribbon...

And out of the first ribbon I'm creating another one!

Double Ribbon! 

Luckily I was able to use normal all purpose glue for the strawberry, It still holds, yippie! ٩꒰⍢ ꒱۶

Just press it for a few minutes, to make sure it REALLY holds, otherwise it might fall of in the middle of the night and you have to call a monster hunter because you read too much scary stuff, lol!

Annnd voila! It's already cutified, in less than 5 minutes! 
In less then 5 minutes, have some fun and a cuter desk!  (Oh, and of course I also reused the strawberry from the broken hair band, it would be such a waste to throw it away!)

I hope that this little blog entry inspires you to discover more ways of cutifying things!

Hope you have fun, and expect more crafty ideas from Venus‘s laboratory! ; D

Sweet Greetings♡

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Healthy Cupcake ♥

Hey guys!

Today is Saturday, annnd I went to Vegan Summer Fete in Holborn, London!
I‘m not Vegan or Vegetarian but lately I became really interested in that stuff, so I thought I‘d go! ^_^v

Annnnnd I got wheatfree cupcakes! I searched for wheatfree bread this week but instead I found wheatfree cupcakes on the Vegan Fete - oh well - why not?! lol

I went there with Shannon who actually told me about the event! Thank you <333

Actually, I didn't know about Vegan cakes before! @_@

They all looked SO cute!

Since everything was so cute and healthy at the same time, the small event place was REALLY CROWDED. And I mean hardcore crowded since I wrote it in caps, lol
So it was also quite difficult to get to the stalls and make pics, huh! ^^;;

And as you can see the cupcakes sold well, haha <3

Other Vegan sweets! Gummy Candy, Chocolate and Fudge...but much healthier! : 3

More healthy cake! (oh, healthy cake sound so good, lol)

And there was dairy free chocolate, too! 
I could never think of that though. I wonder how they made it. @_@?

Oh, Today it also rained, and I, was smart enough, to take an umbrella with me! Finally, finally I used my brain correctly, haha...<3

Hope you had fun today, too!

Sweet Greetings

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

London YouTube Gathering - Summer In the City 2012

Yo my crazy gangsta swagger bunnies! 8D lol

How was your weekend? I mean the weekend 3 days ago.  @_@

I went to all 3 days of the annual YouTube gathering - Summer In the City - here in London!
It was so much fun, I met so many nice people, and I took pictures, so many pictures!

Ok, I actually took so many pictures that I have no clue where to start! 
So, I guess I will just start with the pictures I took with people I met at SitC! Yay!


Me with Geo! (What a cool name btw!) She asked me to take a pic with her, so I took a pic with her too! Yay!
She is a Youtuber, too!

She asked me for a pic and I asked her for a pic and she is so cute. §__§

They took a pic with me and I took a pic with them and they were really nice. <3

She said she liked my Lolita dress, and I found her style cute too, so we made pics. Because making pics is so much fun wohooo! lol

Oh, and this is her friend with who she came to the convention. She didn‘t ask me for a picture when I was making pictures with her friend, but later she catched me and then she made a pic together with me and I made a pic with myself, eh - I mean with her. And her bag. @_@

So cute. Like REALLY cute. I want this thing for breakfast.

Me and Doddleoddle aka Dodie Clark! 

Dodie performing "The YouTube" song which she composed herself. It‘s also the song I liked the most  <3
You can listen to the song on YouTube!

Dave Giles singing about his relationship with tea.
Dave's Twitter:

From the left: Sara, Rosie (@RosieGearty) and me and some of her friends waved sheets of paper with stuff drawn on it (like tea cups, a + sign or a heart) to Dave‘s tea song.

I got a sheet with a heart on it. Yay!


Actually, going to this convention reminded me of meeting the internet in person.
It was just like tumblr stand right in front of me.
That‘s probably also the reason why most people's hair was so extremely hipster. I saw so many dip dyed hairstyles it almost turned mainstream. Almost. I want to dip dye my hair now too. But I guess I will turn bald if I do. So I will not do that. And I'm not even sad. I love my cat ears.

Red, blue, violet, lilac...turquoise...

Her hair looks like a mermaid! The transition from green to this grey-blu-ish colour dyed in shiny curly hair is just byuuuuuutiiiifuuuul! 

I told her that she looks like Jia from Miss A! : 3 But she didn't knew her...maybe they're siblings!? haha

I really like these colours <3 And the glasses <33 Double love <3 <3

The blue hair colour goes extremely well with the red ribbon, nya! ^^

One of my favourite hair styles I saw at SitC <33333333
I started to ask myself if all these hairstyles are inspired by My Little Pony, colourful and side swept.

Besides cool hairstyles, I also saw cute clothes and costumes...see yourself! <3

I met a Banana and a Tiger. 

They were even sparklier in reality!

Jake the Dog and Finn the Human but in girl version and much cuter. : 3

Me and a magic card man. He was really busy hugging other people and doing magic on them, so I didn't want to bother him with a hug, lol. @_@


I met Super Mario, too.

And this is a Super Mario mushroom bag which I find to be extremely adorable <3

Camera guy!

I love her sense of style! <3

Doctor WHO? Yes, who is this doctor? 

She‘s cosplaying as a character from Assasins's Creed. I really don't know that either since I don't play games.

Wait - It's not like I'm a boring person, not at all! I have my hobbies! I listen to so much music, I need more ears and I know all the underground stuff you don't know, so I'm noooot boring! lol

I met a bear! The bear was very kind and gave me a hug! ^_^

People also played a game called "The Ninja Game" which people might find pretty weird if they don't know the rules. 

I asked a girl how the game works and this is what I can remember:
- You have to get in a cool pose
- Then try to slap a person without getting slapped
- If you get slapped you loose
- ???
- If you can slap you win!

...Or something like that. @_@

But there were MORE games than that.


Get in the ball pool, master the impossible quest of finding a gummy duck and win a shirt.

I went in.

And fleed.

Sorry guys but all these colourful balls were soooo scaaaaary!!! >____<

Hehe, just kidding. I didn't wanna struggle in a sea of balls. lol.

Anyways, there were even more games, more fun games! There was also a game room!

The Game Room, In which people played games!
Twister, Jenga and other games I don't know the names of, lol.

Oh, and SOPIO, a card game which a YouTuber called nerimon together with his friend created.
Didn't know that game before! : D

So Rosie and I played Jenga too. Uhm, she didn't play, she was more like in my team so she doesn't have to touch a block, but If I win she wins too. Know the rules before you play, or you're a criminal. lol .


Rosie scribbled our names on Jenga blocks. I really don't know why. @____@
"It's only Kajal, you can wash it off!", she said. 
hehe <3

Much better than the Game Room, there was also a rave room!

The performance was like BAAAAAAAM! So rocky!

Rave room before the rave.

The camera, enjoying a great view on the yet calm rave room.

There was really cool music and people that danced really cool but I danced too so I forgot to take pics, sorry guys! lol XD

And...what would a YouTube gathering be without a YouTube Lounge? : D

They made YouTube smoothies! This one is a Strawberry & Watermelon flavour one! Yay! : D

I really had so much fun!
I don't know why, but some people said that it wasn't so much fun because the fangirls were annoying.

The fangurlz didn't bother me, actually.

Huh...and I...I just don't have enough fangurl spirit to fangurl around. lol.

 Before I end this blog post - let's go back to day 1 of SitC!
They spread a large sheet of paper over the floor in the rave room and everybody could write something on it! I made some pics of other people's drawings and messages! Oh, and mine too, which looks a bit weird though, lol. 

I was there on day 3 too, in Jubilee Gardens, but it started raining so I left soon... : (
Instead I went to Japan centre and did a small shopping where I got: Apple flavoured Gumi Choco, Matcha Yokan and Koakuma Ageha!

This was a fun weekend and I hope to go next year, too!

Sweet Greetings