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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Healthy Cupcake ♥

Hey guys!

Today is Saturday, annnd I went to Vegan Summer Fete in Holborn, London!
I‘m not Vegan or Vegetarian but lately I became really interested in that stuff, so I thought I‘d go! ^_^v

Annnnnd I got wheatfree cupcakes! I searched for wheatfree bread this week but instead I found wheatfree cupcakes on the Vegan Fete - oh well - why not?! lol

I went there with Shannon who actually told me about the event! Thank you <333

Actually, I didn't know about Vegan cakes before! @_@

They all looked SO cute!

Since everything was so cute and healthy at the same time, the small event place was REALLY CROWDED. And I mean hardcore crowded since I wrote it in caps, lol
So it was also quite difficult to get to the stalls and make pics, huh! ^^;;

And as you can see the cupcakes sold well, haha <3

Other Vegan sweets! Gummy Candy, Chocolate and Fudge...but much healthier! : 3

More healthy cake! (oh, healthy cake sound so good, lol)

And there was dairy free chocolate, too! 
I could never think of that though. I wonder how they made it. @_@?

Oh, Today it also rained, and I, was smart enough, to take an umbrella with me! Finally, finally I used my brain correctly, haha...<3

Hope you had fun today, too!

Sweet Greetings