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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Strawberry Sandwich Recipe

Summertime is strawberry season! 
Can you ever get enough of this blushing berry? Well, uh...I surely don't! lol
There are all kinds of yumminess that can be made with the magical ingredient ~strawberry~, but would you ever think of a strawberry sandwich? Yes, I said STRAWBERRY SANDWICH! 
It might sound unusual but you can't deny that it must be cute, right? ^_^
So here is a tutorial on how to make a cute strawberry sandwich, that even your alpaca will like, lol!
2 slices bread (I use wholegrain toast!)

2 tbsp greek yogurt (for the spread!)

 6 Strawberries

 Spread Variations
Cream cheese
Vanilla Pudding
Marshmallow Fluff

Smear one tablespoon of greek yogurt (or whatever spread you decided to use! ^^) on one side of the bread.

With a knife, part the strawberries in halves.

Then, half the halves! ;D

Arrange the strawberry slices on the bread:
Lay a diagonal row of strawberry slices along the bread. That's where we're going to cut the sandwich later!

Top the slices with a 2nd tablespoon of spread (in my case greek yogurt, yum!) and cover with the other slice of bread. Once that is done, diagonally cut the sandwich. 
Make sure you still remember on which side you placed the diagonal row of strawberries, huhu! 

So quick & so yummy! 
Makes a cute breakfast/snack with a warm cup of milk tea~! 

Good luck and have fun cooking my lovely fuzzle fuzzies! 

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