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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

What could fit in my chibi stomach?

Dont worry. Im wearing a wig. uguu. (◕‿◕✿) 

Ugh!! Already October and it got even warmer here on Tenerife...! Autumn isnt autumn without chestnuts and maple! Christmas without a pine tree isnt christmas! And even if you manage to get and decorate a pine tree that REALLY looks like a pine tree and not like a palm tree, then wheres the snow? Where are the snowflakes falling on fresh baked cinnamon cookies? What are cookies without a hot cocoa? How are you able to drink a hot cocoa at 30ºC? All those question. And now already 3 years passed since I moved here. Time really time passes faster when only one season exists! It rains max. 2 times a year. If you look up the sky, you mostly see blue, grey or cloudy colours, and shoes.What?! Shoes? Omg yes, I dont talk about things that dont exists. But some people can be really itchy-donkey headed sometimes, you know!  Thats why I always carry my camera with to prove the existence of stuff that you only could dream of! HA! STUFF LIKE THIS:

OK, it may be not as exciting as a donut shaped airplane, but at least something to look at and say: 

"Ohh, mom, look! Do you ever saw something like this? "

"Ehhhh! "



"Woo(?)oo(^_^)oooooooOoooo(!)oooow!! wow.

But before we (me and mom) saw the 8th world wonder, another mysterious discovery was made!

TADAA! Its someone jumping over his house-wall! What snapshot! Wait, is it his house? Well, we never know but, at least those people here have a better security installation:

Look closely, and u will see shattered glass pieces glued on the top of the wall! Its kinda scary. But why do ppl need such barbaric "walls".  Its not like were in russia or something. Maybe a treasure is behind this wall!! *o*. Or maybe its a portal to the Harry Potter world, lol! Well, actually those are just normal houses ppl here on Tenerife live in. Of course, there are better houses, but there also worser ones than those u just saw! The really bad houses are to find in the mountains next to cactus trees and bunnies. The better ones are located next to the roads. 

I took all those pictures on a walk after lunch. Its true that me and mom went out for lunch at a local spanish cafe! Look what I ordered:

This was too much for my chibi stomach! Chewing was diffcult too, because there was a lot to chew! You know, my mouth already hurted! TT_TT But its ok now. ITS OK. At least the burger was really good. To be honest: The burger was better than any McDonalds burger!! And the fries, they were excellent too! Because burger and fries HAVE TO BE TOGETHER!! But, to my disapointment the waitress had to cheat us on 20 cents. OMG. She didnt gave us back the 20cents cash. Donde va a ser mi dineroooooo! We got back our 20cents. Thats important. Thats what counts. Thats the key to success! haha. 

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