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Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Hallovenus and meownsters!

This Halloween, dear kiddos, i'm not going to dress up as a washing machine or happy meal or whatev nobody-but-me-wears-this-epicness costume. I'm not going to give candy to anyone (goes same for any other teeth blacking stuff!! Fuu, nor im going to give u a toothbrush! gah! ) Nope, not even bread or spinach.

Y u no buy ur ouuun kandey? yyy? y u no? u no y? yyyyyyyyyy? Y?!

BUT REALLY! Why do people, yes, kids and adults, go knocking at strangers doors, asking (threatening) them for sweets? There are some evil wizards out there (out there, in their house/castle/cave/carton box) who give you poisoned cotton candy and toxic lollipops! Or they pull you in their creepy nuclear zombie laboratory and do experiments on you! Better be careful! : (

Of course, there are some REALLY NICE PEOPLE, who give you tons of candy and chocolate imported from outer space, but only because they are scared of what los pequeños weirdos are going to do to them! Dios mio! If the poor victim hasn't got any sweets at home,  he will be punished with a beautifully toilet paper wrapping around his house and eggs will be thrown at his door, so he surely will slip out on the egg the next morning, break his neck and can't go to work, loose his job, can't pay the monthly rent for the house, get's in a conflict with his wife, lucky enough his wife leaves him, then be 24/7 drunk,  get rehabilitated, so he (of course) will get to know a beautiful nurse, they marry, he becomes a doctor and buys a stylish penthouse in wonderland and here's our perfect korean drama with funny (idiotic), romantic (lovey dovey), emotional (bipolar) and of course life threatening situations. No I didn't just change the whole topic.

Ok, so I actually never celebrated Halloween. But I like Pumpkin.

Anyway, what's up with the pumpkin? Might be some kind of Halloweenical symbol or something. Don't deny it! I wonder if those halloweenie pumpkins pop out from earth in october with their prisoner faces. You know, like really, some of them only have got 3 teeth!  Haven't the pumpykinkis got time to let their teeth grow in 1 month? Must be really hard! But please, can't they be at least a bit more...sophisticated? That wicked grin and those empty eyes! Most of them DO look like gangsters!!
In some of them the neighbours insert candles, to keep away the "Trick or Treat" gang! Some might accidentally knock over a lighted pumpkin with his Voldemort cloak and get set on fire! Kids, be careful! -(>_<)-

I'm living in an closed apartement building, this means that costume freaks with a craving for candy first have to get in the building (yes, trough the closed entrance-door) so they can knock on peoples doors!
Fact is that not so many kids are going to molest us (me and mommy) on Halloween! : D
Where I live, Tenerife, there are a lot of closed apartment buildings and the owners don't like if strangers enter's getting difficult for the kids to play Trick or Treat. What do they do then?
Well, they started asking for candy in shops and other services as internet cafes! Of course they don't get any cuz if the shop asisstant would give them free candy from their warehouse to everyone, their inventory would be all a mess! Also,  I will not go outside this Halloween because it's too scary. Not the costumes are scary, more the behaviour of the people in the costumes...

I know Halloween is cool and fun, but I'm a bit afraid of the darkness and masked people so this is a fair excuse, right!?


Sweet Greetings
by Venus

P.S: I rawr you!