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Friday, October 26, 2012

Kawaii Halloween Costume: The Solution!

Hello my 
love colored scrabble dabble gummi bears!

Wow, it's almost Halloween, the creepiest time of the year and I didn't give you a spooky pet name?
Nah, whatev' *whips hair*
Wait until you see my super spooky Halloween ghost story I'll post sooooooon! boooooooo!

Ok. Let's move on...

Do you want to look really kawaii á la Venus Angelic on Halloween?
If you don't, then I suggest you should.
Here are all my tutorials which are just prefect for a Halloween party, Trick Or Treat...whatever you may do on Halloween, it's a norm to dress up, if more or less, creepy! ✧*。ヾ(。・ω・。)ノ゙✧*。








Sunday, October 14, 2012

How To: Kawaii On A Budget

Many people ask me how to be kawaii with less money. Here is an answer I wrote about 1 month ago on Tumblr . I posted it here so more people can see it and it won't disappear in the flood of my Tumblr posts! 

☆+ ゚ .+ .゚.゚。 ゚ 。. +゚ 。゚.゚。☆*。。 . 。 o .。゚。.o。* 。 .。☆+ ゚ .+ .゚.゚。 ゚ 。. +゚ 。゚.゚。☆*。。 . 。 o .。゚。.o。* 。 .。
1.- Time
Your kawaii stuff accumulates by time. Some of my kawaii items are 7 years old XD I have clothing items, which are 4 years old! When I go shopping and I see something I like, the first thing I do is look at THE PRICE TAG. If the price is ok, I get it or I get it not! I can be 1 hour in a shop because I’m only buying the best thing with the best price, and I want to be sure that I know what I’m doing. Btw, I think that there are a lot of people that have more kawaii stuff then me, I just know HOW to make it look like a lot XD 
2.- ONLY Kawaii
Whatever you need, get in the kawaii version! Pillows, bed sheets, pencils, food, ironing boards, toilet paper, cups….If you start buying the kawaii version of your everyday needs, you’ll get kawaii soon! ; D 
Oh, and, the kawaii version of that is NOT more expensive than the “normal stuff”!
3.-Let your friends know what you love!
If you have good friends, or family members, let them know that your a kawaii addict and show them your kawaii side! So when you have Birthday, you’ll get something kawaii for sure! My more expensive clothes, like Angelic Pretty, BSSB or just stuff that you can only get in Japan, were presents!
4.- Get it 2nd hand!
2nd hand BSSB, Angelic Pretty, and Vintage clothes! Google helps you finding 2nd hand sellers in your near! : D Also, 2nd hand is more than half price cheaper!
Shops you can get stuff cheaply:
Pro: Was always my favourite for shopping since I was 6 years old. lol. :)
Contra: Has some more sexy mainstream stuff too, but not that much so I can’t really say a contra.
Pro: Affordable, cute lolita clothing and cosplay
Contra: The quality isn’t bad, but not on “designer” level! You get what you pay for!
Pro: Has promotion sometimes, and very nice accessories which are not that expensive!
Contra: Do have some cute stuff, which is, indeed, sometimes, yes, expensive like wow.
Pro: You can get there so many kawaii clothes you’ll drown in them!
Contra: The quality is not very legit! XD
Pro: Hit the expensive brands during promotion seasons. A great way to get designer stuff for low prices.
Contra: Still expensive, so you have to save money throughout the year.
Promotion season means also, crowds and queues. 
Do it yourself
Pro: Sewing your own kawaii clothes is a great way to save money and own something others don’t! You can get cheap, cute fabric and lace in most sewing stores!
Contra: Requieres a sewing machine and skills.
Additional: When I was 3 years old and we didn’t have enough money in Switzerland, mom sew me my clothes! I still have most of them <3 I remember that people told me, that “I look cute again” haha! Memorieeeeeessss! <3333333
Ok, hope I could help! <333
☆+ ゚ .+ .゚.゚。 ゚ 。. +゚ 。゚.゚。☆*。。 . 。 o .。゚。.o。* 。 .。☆+ ゚ .+ .゚.゚。 ゚ 。. +゚ 。゚.゚。☆*。。 . 。 o .。゚。.o。* 。 .。

Saturday, October 13, 2012

魔女っ娘ミラクるん♪ ♥English Translation ♥ Witch Girl MIRAKURUN♪

Here I explain the meaning of the names which might be interesting to know if you want to understand the context of the song:

Mirakuru means "Miracle"
Kuru comes from Saakuru (Circle). Kuru Kuru means revolving. Kuru can be put in the folder of "kawaii" words! That's why Mirakurun has a kuru in her name, because she's supposed to be the super loli  (loli is about appearance, not age) moe witch girl and otaku dream.
Run has the function to make the word Mirakuru (Miracle) a name. Run is also considered to sound cute. 

Mirakurun's rival is Rivalrun. Again, here, "run" is sticked at the end of "rival" to make sure the audience knows it's the name of a super (evil) moe character.

(∩)⊃+ ゚ .+ .゚.゚+ 。゚.゚。*。。 . 。 o .。゚。.o。* 。 .。


I'm on the way☆ To get chu~ with the magic wand of love,
I'll cast a spell "KURU KURU MIRAKURU~N!!"
It'll make anyone smile happily
That's the witch girl MIRAKURUN♪

I'm really sorry that I've let you wait,
after all it's my long awaited visit
With love's deciding and special fighting move,
I'll MIRAKURUN anyone

ミラクるん♪ るん♪ るんるんるんるん♪
When I hear that there are people in trouble,
I'll fly to them no matter in which of the 4 directions
I'll help you with anything,

This is the magic of love,
a smile is very precious
Even your fate,
can be passed trough by that hand

I'm on the way☆ LET'S GO with the magic wand of love,
I'll cast a miracle anytime!
The sympathy will reach from me to you,
it's a closed case - just kidding!

Being too proud is RIVALRUN's greatest enemy
The goddess of victory is smiling
In the end we'll surely become friends
That's the witch girl MIRAKURUN♪

You heart is yearning for love,
I unroll the handscroll of my mysterious secret
With love's deciding and special fighting move,
I'll beat up anyone!?

ミラクるん♪ るん♪ るんるんるんるん♪
At times I fail but,
it says that a pinch is also a chance
It'll work with love issues too,

This is the magic of love,
which goes from heart to heart
Even the knowledge of this generation,
can be passed trhough by that hand

I'm on the way☆ To get chu~ With the magic wand of love,
I'll cast a spell "KURU KURU MIRAKURU~N!!"
My heart from me to you,
it's a closed case - not seriously!

World domination?! RIVALRUN
"To lose is to win" is alright too
When you smile I become happy,
That's the witch girl MIRAKURUN♪

I'm on the way☆ Let's go with the magic wand of love
I'll cast a miracle anytime!
The symphaty will reach from me to you.
it's a closed case - just kidding!

Being too proud is RIVALRUN's greatest enemy
The goddess of victory is smiling
I'll surely make anyone happy
That's the witch girl MIRAKURUN♪

(∩)⊃━+ ゚ .+ .゚.゚。 ゚ 。. +゚ 。゚.゚。☆*。。 . 。 o .。゚。.o。* 。 .。

And another translation is done! Isn't this a cute song? HNNNNNNNG! >_____________________<
It's a song from the anime YuruYuri. Mirakurun is an action figure in the anime (and manga). 

- Tamakui is in progress! Now that it's weekend I'll have some time and translate it. It has some pretty interesting Japanese words in it btw!
- Maple Wizen and Against, Perfect Cherry Blossom are already translated on this page:
I don't translate songs which already have a translation! ^^;; I guess that's reasonable, hehe!

You can send me requests here:
Twitter: @VenusAngelic

Friday, October 12, 2012

Bored? Play Venus' Jigsaw Puzzle! ❤

Hi there my fluffypie<<3

A fan from Japan made snapshot from my Spanish school hairstyle video, edited the snapshot to 3 different versions (including the normal version, so there are now 3 edited ones, and 1 normal, that makes 4 versions in total hehe) and then made a jigsaw puzzle! Yay!

 The normal version!

You can see the edited versions (which are very cute! hehe) when you solve the jigsaw puzzle!

Also you can let me know on Twitter (@VenusAngelic) how the finished Jigsaw puzzle looks and I'll retweet you for being an angelic Fangelic! yay!
So if you're ever bored you know what to do! hehe <3

Some Fangelics said that some pieces were missing in the blog post versions, so here are alternative links to play the puzzle: (Those should work!)

Neon Version

Halloween Version

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

My Special Sleep Mask!

Hello my.......

(Mommy took this picture of me while sleeping...and...posted in on Twitter (mommy's twitter is called margaretpalermo btw!). Huuuh. First I was embarrassed but then I decided to decorate it with a into pink fading frame and use it to demonstrate my sleeping mask. tehehehei.

what if one day I can't find a cute and bubbly greeting for my Fangelics?

Haha, well, that will never happen, right?! RIGHT?!?!?! Yeah, definitely not. There are so many cute and bubbly words in this universe...I'm sure that I will always be able to greet my Fangelics in an angelic way. Hehe.★


Hello my relaxed hot cake sheep♥

Remeber that blog entry where I told you that I got cute things from Amazon but I'm still waiting for one special thing and that very special thing is very cute and....'s a sleep mask! 
As you can see it's a very dolly sleep mask!
But! It's not just an ordinary dolly sleep mask it's....

....a cooling dolly sleeping mask!
So, the sleeping mask comes together with a cooling eye mask, which you then stick into the pouch on the back of the sleeping mask! Yeah!

Just like this 
Oh, and make sure you put the cooling mask in the fridge to make it cool when you're not using it, otherwise it won't be a cooling mask! O_o
The mask should be cool enough in about 1 or 2 hours! It's very relaxing (which also helps me to fall asleep quicker!) and also easier to wake up in the morning since your eyes won't hurt. Additionally, you will also look SO MUCH better because it helps eliminating your dark eye rings! (I call them panda eyes, lol)

This dolly and cooling sleeping mask fits perfectly with my dolly pajama (dress!) and with my bed sheet, too! Mwah! SO dolltastic♥ 

A whole blog entry dedicated to a sleeping mask. Now you see how much I like it hehe XD

Sweet greetings (and dreams!)


Venus the macaron princess! 


Nah, ok, VenusAngelic the dolly blogger ; )