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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

My Special Sleep Mask!

Hello my.......

(Mommy took this picture of me while sleeping...and...posted in on Twitter (mommy's twitter is called margaretpalermo btw!). Huuuh. First I was embarrassed but then I decided to decorate it with a into pink fading frame and use it to demonstrate my sleeping mask. tehehehei.

what if one day I can't find a cute and bubbly greeting for my Fangelics?

Haha, well, that will never happen, right?! RIGHT?!?!?! Yeah, definitely not. There are so many cute and bubbly words in this universe...I'm sure that I will always be able to greet my Fangelics in an angelic way. Hehe.★


Hello my relaxed hot cake sheep♥

Remeber that blog entry where I told you that I got cute things from Amazon but I'm still waiting for one special thing and that very special thing is very cute and....'s a sleep mask! 
As you can see it's a very dolly sleep mask!
But! It's not just an ordinary dolly sleep mask it's....

....a cooling dolly sleeping mask!
So, the sleeping mask comes together with a cooling eye mask, which you then stick into the pouch on the back of the sleeping mask! Yeah!

Just like this 
Oh, and make sure you put the cooling mask in the fridge to make it cool when you're not using it, otherwise it won't be a cooling mask! O_o
The mask should be cool enough in about 1 or 2 hours! It's very relaxing (which also helps me to fall asleep quicker!) and also easier to wake up in the morning since your eyes won't hurt. Additionally, you will also look SO MUCH better because it helps eliminating your dark eye rings! (I call them panda eyes, lol)

This dolly and cooling sleeping mask fits perfectly with my dolly pajama (dress!) and with my bed sheet, too! Mwah! SO dolltastic♥ 

A whole blog entry dedicated to a sleeping mask. Now you see how much I like it hehe XD

Sweet greetings (and dreams!)


Venus the macaron princess! 


Nah, ok, VenusAngelic the dolly blogger ; )