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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The answer to: "Why did I cut my hair?"

Hello my prickly pickle!

"Oh! Hi! Yeah! Really! I did! 2 months ago!"

This is the story of why I chopped my hair off and returned to my natural dark brown hair colour.
The idea came from my hair stylist and the fan from Japan, and from me, of course.

In May my hair started falling out due to tons of stress, puberty (yes I finally hit it wooohoo) and more stress. Some people assume it's the bleaching's fault, but it isn't. I bleached my hair for 1 year and let it grow long. I know when and why it started falling out, that's for me to tell you! : 3

Hairstylist guy said:
1.- I think that it's impossible to dye you hair back, without totally damaging it and leaving it with a slight tone of green.
2.- Yeah sure, I can cut you a bob!
* The hairstylist even took a sample of my hair and died it, but it looked green-ish violet and fried. O_o

Mom said:
1.- Leave the dying to me <3

Fan From Japan said:
1.- Get a dark brown bob
2.- Put your hair behind your ears, people will love you when they can see your ear.
3.- Wear brown or black circle lenses
4.- Wear light makeup, and with that, I mean only some concealer, mascara and lip gloss (but not red!)

These instructions came with this set of pictures.

So I followed the idea of the fan from Japan, mom dyed my hair brown (and it looked a marshmallowian times better than the Hairstylist's little experiment, haha XD) and the Hairstylist cut me a Shinoda Mariko bob.

And with all these ingredients I turned out to look like this:

My viewers in niconama and most of my fangelic (and even non-fangelics) were delighted that I look more natural. And, I'm happy too! : D

So that's the story!
If you have any more questions, I'll be glad to ask them for you on my tumblr, or @VenusAngelic on Twitter! ♪