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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter Chocolate Time!




Or should I say Happy Easter Tea Time?! ; D
Because yesterday MOMMYand I went to Costa and had fun fun "tea time" with 20oz hot chocolate   and yummy coffee-walnut cake!!

The hot chocolate was seriously HUGE and monsterloaded with whip cream! And the whip cream was sprinkled with cocoa powder! The hot choco was a lot, but I managed it all!
 I know, that I probably could have kept a bit for another DIY choco mask, but sometimes putting things inside works outside as well! 

OMG look!
The cup is bigger than my head! (lololol)

Cake, Reader.
Reader, Cake.
I hope you will get along well! 
The cake has name! It's called: Coffe Walnut Cake!
Tastes even better than the name sounds! It had a creamy topping!
Don't worry, the cake didn't have coffein in it, it's ONLY THE FLAVOR! : D


After a realxing morning tea time we went to  Harrods !

The things in Harrods are cute and soooo lovely, but pretty expensive too!
I saw some awesome the one which is like a golden basket! Huhu!
I didn't take pics of the store inside, but I tried on a cute outfit from GUESS!

Perfect for summer! 
Actually, I don't even like to expose my skin in summer that much, because of the bad and evil UV rays, which are the strongest during that period of year and can cause cancer and photoaging. And also because I'm not a friend of tanning/sunbathing, you knooooow? But I definitely would wear this outfit with a light jacket or something ...

So we spent a big time of Saturday in Harrods, after all,  it's a huge shopping centre, right?!
They have tons of of cosmetics there, and I tried out many lashes started looking weird after applying 3 layers of different mascara...But it was fuuun!

♪The day my lashes bathed in mascaraaaaaaaaaaaaa♪
We also got cute cosmetic products, which I will show you then in my new tutorials! 

Anyways the time passed like ice cream in an 200°C heated oven!! ; D hoho
So outside of the Harrods universe we saw uber cute cakes, but then we decided to lunch something healthier, cause we already had cake in the morning, and seriously, I don't want to turn into pom pom purin's size!!!

So mommy and me like Japanese food, so when we saw a restaurant called "wasabi", we went there to eat a bento! 
Mommy had a sushi bento and mine was a chicken katsu bento (pic above)! 
(katsu is short for katsuretsu = cottelette). 
My bento was with edamame salad and japanese rice.  I think that the rice there might be nishiki because of texture and consistence, which I like so much! It was so yummy! : D 

I had a lovely EASTER WEEKEND!

Anyways, let's have fun and a nice time!
Many puchi chu chu from venus!