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Monday, January 9, 2012

My Hime Cut

 Tell me what you think!!!(‐^▽^‐)

I'm very curious to know your opinion about the "Hime Cut" mommy made for me!
(thx, mommy!! <3)

Oh wait, what's hime cut?
Hime is a japanese word = 姫, which means "Princess".
And "Cut" is obviously a "Hair cut"! haha

It consist of 3 parts:

1.- Bangs
     Though it might look cute, I don't recommend side bangs. It just wouldn't look "complete".

2.- Cheek-long sidelocks
      They are super practical, because, when you style your hair into pigtails, a odango, ponytail, etc., you                 can show off your sidelocks and it will look really stylish!
I'd say keep them cheek-lenght , from where your ear starts to the border of your orbita.

3.- Rest of the hair
     It's obviously the part of your hair which you let grow out and do the hairstyles with (pigtails, odango, etc.)

So actually you just have to cut bangs and sidelocks, and the Hime Cut is complete!^▽^
Hime Cut is usually straight. (I made a video on how to straight hair without a straightening iron, click here to watch it!)but mommy braids my hair everyday to a french braid, so when I open the braid, my hair gets wavy!  Thanks to the sidelocks, my hair is better "distributed" and not just one wavy cleaning mop...with bangs. (*^.^*) lol I just love the sidelocks, but seriously!!! (//・_・//)

A japanese girl who watches my Nico Live Broadcast, told me that the hime cut looks cute, and she drew a image of me with my new hairstyle! Look!

I'm touched! It looks so realisitic! 
She even drew my nail polish and my blue blouse!
Thank you so much! 

Im very happy with my new hairstyle, so practical! 
Thank you mommy, for cutting so well!