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Friday, October 12, 2012

Bored? Play Venus' Jigsaw Puzzle! ❤

Hi there my fluffypie<<3

A fan from Japan made snapshot from my Spanish school hairstyle video, edited the snapshot to 3 different versions (including the normal version, so there are now 3 edited ones, and 1 normal, that makes 4 versions in total hehe) and then made a jigsaw puzzle! Yay!

 The normal version!

You can see the edited versions (which are very cute! hehe) when you solve the jigsaw puzzle!

Also you can let me know on Twitter (@VenusAngelic) how the finished Jigsaw puzzle looks and I'll retweet you for being an angelic Fangelic! yay!
So if you're ever bored you know what to do! hehe <3

Some Fangelics said that some pieces were missing in the blog post versions, so here are alternative links to play the puzzle: (Those should work!)

Neon Version

Halloween Version