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Saturday, August 17, 2013



Today I'm going to write about something rather disturbing...well, at least for me: Bra shopping.
I HAVE to write about it...writing about things helps me to get over with them. So here we go:

Today me and my mom went underwear shopping. I think that this is sooo shameful! But I know it has to be done. I felt very uncomfortable in a shop full of bras and undies! Well, of course I went undies shopping before, but the difference is that the shop we went to this time was sooo much more stylish than the old lady undie store last time. Oh, because last time, I told my mom that I only want grandma underwear, because anything else is too shameful!!! 

So...I was in a cabin and tried on one of the more stylish bras. Then I called my mom who was in the other cabin, but mom said she won't come over to check, I should ask the nice assistant lady. I didn't want to ask the assistant lady, because...BECAUSE! Stranger danger. But finally I had no other choice ;_; I was so surprised; she was actually really nice! Also, I was happy that the bra fit! 

And not only also made my waist look longer, how cool is that!? But then I realised, that I don't look that bad, so I was scared and started bra-shaming. I told my mom that this is horrible and I hate bras, and that I wanna go back to the grandma bras!!!!! 
But mom said "No Venus listen to me, I'm still 22 years older than you, just like yesterday!" and I said: "No mom if you buy this bra I'll never wear it!!!" 

Then the assistant lady & my mom laughed & talked about how shy I am, and that there are girls who are more outgoing. And I was like "Whatever! Bras are shameful!"
My mom told me that I should grow up a bit more. But I said: No mom, I want to be kawaii & kinda retarded forever! 

I like being kinda retarded & shy, it makes me feel cute ^.^
But what if it is not cute...but really just childish and dumb? ;_;
Mom told me I should accept my body, but I can't! Well, I'm sure I could...but I don't want to. I think that accepting your body is a shameful thing, too. @_@

What do you guys think? Should I try harder growing up?

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