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Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Angelic Photo History! ✧.*(⁎❝͋॔ ˙̫ॢ ॢ❝͋॓⁎)*·✧

2012 is ending soon! 
Here's a review starting from when I was 13 and begun making YouTube videos, until now, 15!

♥ 13 ♥

♥ 14 ♥

♥ 15 ♥

I think all the things that happened during that time have also changed me...and not only my looks have changed,  also my interests (poetry, philosophy), types of books, style of clothes, music taste and my accents has also gotten so much better since then. Living in London has a positive influence on my pronunciation haha! Though I still emphasise words wrong like comfor-table or! 

2013 will begin in less than 3 weeks, let's see what the new year will bring! ✧.*(⁎❝͋॔ ˙̫ॢ ॢ❝͋॓⁎)*·✧