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Monday, October 10, 2011

PICMY Tutorial - Regristration

This is part 1 of the PICMY tutorial where I will explain and translate you how to register. If you've got any questions, please write them in the comment below. (^.^)v

*゚ ゜゚**゚ ゜゚*STEP FOR STEP*゚ ゜゚**゚ ゜゚*

1 Go to

2 To register, you can click the blue banner in the wooden table, or the big pink banner below the wooden table.

3 Enter your e-mail address in the field where I wrote: "enter your e-mail address here". 
4 Click the red button! Now an e-mail was sent to your mailbox.

5 A page like that below will show up! The page says that you received an email with a link for you to click to be able to continue the regristration.

6Check your mailbox! ^^

7 If you dont see the the email from picmy, check your junk folder! Coz my mail was redirected to the junk folder, hehe >_<!! 

8☆ Do you see the 3 black arrows? There is a link below them! Click the link to continue with the regristration. The link is valid for 7 days.

9After clicking the link, a register form will show up! I wrote the english translation on the screenshot with black letters! See it? I had to paint black over my mail address, haha! : ) Or I bet u will spam me..lolololol. 

USER ID: That's the name that will appear in the URL of your picmy page.  Example: My User ID is venusangelic, so:

GENDER: Girls mark on the left side, boys on the right!

SECURE ANSWER AND QUESTION:  In the case you forgot your password, picmy will ask you the question you choosed in the regristration form. Then, of course you should know your answer and get your password back. This could be quite difficult if you don`t know japanese! What to do know?! Well, a simple solution would be to pick a random question, and type in a word you can remember easily. Right? ; )

8 Below the regristration form is also a large text about political stuff. But I dont think that you are going to hack picmy and sell it...right? Well, if you dont have any bad intentions mark the right dot and click "continue". ^^

9This part shows you the story of PICMY. It basically says that the king of all picmy is called "Papa-sama". He gave them a kokedama (moss ball) to live on and a lots of sweets to eat. And happy end!For continuing the story, click the round green button which is for NEXT, or click the brown button at the left top which means SKIP to skip the story.

10Everything okidoki and ready for the fun part? OK! Now you can choose your pet. In this game, the pet is a "picmy". There are different "picmy". You can choose one out of three. Rough translation of the text:


It is a bunny picmy. 
This picmy`s character is somewhat wild, loud and playful. 
Usami`s charming point are long ears!


It is a unicorn picmy.
This picmy`s character is happy and cheerful.
Unimi`s dream is to be a hero someday and to fly in the sky.


It is a squirrel picmy.
This picmy`s character is somewhat clumsy, shy and careful.
Lismi`s charming point is it`s long tail.

11 Choose the colours of your picmy!

12.- Choose the colour the heart which is on the tummy of your picmy. Always click the pink button below to continue, you know! 

13 Let's choose the colour of the pot in which your kokedama will be!
A kokedama is a ball of earth wrapped in moss in which a plant (perferably a plant that doesn't need much water) is planted in. Every picmy has got a kokedama to live on, and a tree that keeps growing!
14.- Choose nameplate. It will appear on your MY PAGE with your picmy's name. 

15 Finally think of a name for your picmy and write it in the empty field. To start the regristration over, click the blue link, to continue and finish, click the pink button.

16Now a message which says that the picmy regristration is complete will appear on your screen!
The ballons say: CONGRATULATION!

Have fun playing with PICMY! I will do more tutorials about this game, so keep reading!

Angelic Greetings by Venus