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Friday, October 7, 2011

Japanese Online Game - PICMY

It's like everybody has some kind of favourite online game nowadays. hehe! Internet is big, and there is a wide variety of stoopid games. Well, I think that the most games are quiet stoopid, because, well, they are just stoopid. Like for stoopid people. Im not stoopid. Or are you? lol

Today im going to make my first (and not last!) introduction of a very kawaii japanese online game! Don't worry! The website is in japanese, but Venus is here to help and translate for you!
It's cute and a great way to get closer to kawaii stuff and meet japanese people! Believe me or not, but you will also unconsciously learn japanese! I actually learned some useful words by surfing the japanese web!

This game is called PICMY and it hasn't got a particular meaning! The name hasn't got a meaning, but it has a reason. The reason is...(drum roll) CUTENESS! Yes. It sounds cute in japanese ears.(maybe in yours too, who knows, hehe)! It's just like quak quak sounds for japanese people like kero kero, and kero kero sounds for american/english/german/whatev like quak quak. Who cares. : )

It's now a especially good time to introduce the game, not only because I just started my blog and decided to write about everything cute and kawaii,  but also because PICMY celebrates its 3rd anniversary. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

In PICMY, you can choose one of 3 pets: Squirrel, Unicorn and Bunny.
I choosed a bunny and named it pyonchi! ^^ According to japanese, "pyon" is the sound which a bunny makes while hopping.  Pyon is also a kawaii word. : )
Beside a pet, you'll also get a kokedama (koke = moss, dama = ball, kokedama = moss ball!),in which a tree is planted in.

This is a screenshot of the game which shows the dressing up room of my pet.

You can also change the appearance of the kokedama. A kokedama is a ball of earth surounded with moss in which a plant is planted in (koke = moss, dama = ball). In the screenshot about you can see that my kokedama is not really made out of koke (moss). That's because I put a Mont Blanc cream layer on it, so it is a creamdama, hehe. : )

Items for making the pet and kokedama cuter are aviable at BERRY GACHA and PUKU PUKU SHOP. You pay with stars or candy. Stars and candy are both easy to get, but you can use them differently!

Now, we see the "My Page". It's the place where your pet on the kokedama is displayed. It also shows you friends, messages, notifications and information.

It's a cute game, so I will do TUTORIALS with english translations about it, right here in my blog! Soon, very soon, this means today, im going to post a "How-to-register-tutorial". Better look forward to it!❤

Sweet Greetings by Venus

Link to the game's website: