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Saturday, July 27, 2013

♥ Day 6/100 ♥ Clean Eating Challenge

If you're stalking me on this blog, Twitter or Facebook, or just everywhere, then you surely know that today I went to an event called HYPER JAPAN and that means...
Japanese (fast) food stalls.
Cute Japanese candy.
White Carbohydrates & FAT.


So I'm on a day out. What should I do to not starve but still "eat clean"?
First, oat bars like those from Nature Valley might sound like a smacking healthy and convenient idea. BUT. When I turned around the packaging an red the nutrition label, my inner scream teared appart the faint threads in my soul. 
And then, like always, I found a solution! 

Yeees. Yes.
I baked myself oatmeal & wheat bran bars with dried apricots and 
walnuts. Nutritious, high fibre, yummy and most importantly: made with clean ingredients!
I made 5 of them and had those during the day. Really practical because those bars don't make stuff dirty! 

I put the 5 bars in an air-tight box to carry 'em 'round in mah bag.

-1 homemade oatmeal bar
- Dried plums, 30g
- Plain organic natural yogurt, 65g
- Coffee with 100ml skimmed milk

-2nd breakfast- (3 hours after the 1st one)
- 1 homemade oatmeal bar
- 1 banana

- Just more oatmeal bars -
Super healthy high fibre power oatmeal bars next to mom's okonomiyaki.

Super awesome homemade by Venus oatmeal bars next to a black coffee.

The last two incredible homemade by no other than Venus oatmeal bars next to a cup of peppermint tea.

- Snack -
65g organic plain natural yogurt with half an apple.

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