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Sunday, October 2, 2011

This is going to be flawless!


Ok, saturday evening maybe. But nearly saturday night. Something between that. So it's the birth of Saturday night. Ah. The night is young, should I say 1 hour after saturday night's birth. But what's that for me, when i'm asleep? And when it passes 00.00? Is it the morning? Is it saturday WHAT? Old Night, antique night, toddler night? Is that now some kind of reversed life? 
Days dont have lives. But are long or short - just like some human's life. 
As for me, from Monday until Friday, it was short, yes, but the weekend, is still long! Liking short weeks with long weekends, hating long weeks with short weekends. If there is any other possibility, I wouldn't want to know that. I like how my weekends can be or not. And I like how the weeks are like they are. I don't need that some days would feel like they are fast or long and some days aren't. Like throwing all the feelings of time in a mixer and voilá, here you got a stressful week. Stressful weeks can only be eliminated by fighting fire with fire! Like organizing that you are going to feed your cat or buying toilet paper, incluiding when and where! Mother nature could really make sleeping time longer.
At least she did, one day before Halloween. On 30.01.11, i have to turn an hour back and can sleep an hour longer.

 I LOVE sleeping, but I also LOVE getting up! It's not only the breakfast, which consists of cookies and hot cocoa with a mountain of whipped cream that gets me out of the bed... >_< 
Do you sometimes spray as much as whipped cream you can in your mouth? I do! 
Oh, and my mom? Does she get angry?
Its, ok, MOM DOES IT TOO! : )

After waking up I go to school, and I stay there for 6 hours. I'M NEVER LATE! 
Coming late to school would be just, too dramatical, even more dramatical than a happy end in a korean drama or something!
But its not ok, coming late, isn't it?! Not okay, okay? Because it's not okay it will not be okay even if you say it's okay, it's not going to be okei because it never was okay, by the way y u no say OK, prefer saying OKI DOKI u a letald o what, is that okei now? Is it OK? ARE YOU LATE IN MIND? OK? YOU BETTER NOT!! OKAY?!

Everyday, everyday and everyday and also everyday and the day before including friday, ca. 5 kids from our class are coming late to school. TOO LATE!
They get a negative mark from the teacher. ✘A NEGATIVE MARK. ✘

A negative mark is the ticket to a nice 2 hour trip of laying your face on the desk and thinking:

- Don't do this again, it's not good, don't do this again, it's not good, don't do this again, it's not good, don't do this again, it's not good, don't do this again, it's not good, don't do this again, it's not good, don't do this again, it's not good, don't do this again, it's not good, don't do this again, it's not good.

At least for me. Not for other kids. They are more like:

- "Im going to write a SMS to my friend in class B, even if we have now a maths exam. Can't wait. It's important, about my boyfriend. REALLY. If I dont, I may get menopause."

Aha. In 2 years this will look something like this:

- "I'm going to find out who the father of my baby is, even if I have to clean the pub-toilet now. Cant wait. If I don't, I may get my salary."

Why are girls nowadays so premature? Even if you're 13, you can still play with a Babiwawa.
Or maybe try to look like a Babiwawa.

Oh. Sorry. Did i just...? No I didn't. Here's everything you need to know:

- Do you like dolls?
- Oh, yes! 
- What kind?
- YOU!
- WTF me not a doll.
- But u are so pretty like a doll...
- No I mean dolls like dolly dolls, u know, dolls.
- Oh.
- Exactly.

Just a typical conversation eternalized in my school agenda between me and my chinese friend. 

If you didn't just type in google "BABIWAWA" to get an idea what it could actually be, i'm going to question your sanity.

Babiwawa has flawless skin, long blonde hair and blue eyes.

Oh. I really don't know what this pic is doing here. Not like I posted it or something, it just unconsciously walked by itself in some weird way here into Gotta call some highly trained monkeys and show them information of mighty banana-programming language to solve this problem.

It's Barbie.

And I don't like her. She looks like a plastic surgery freak. So she's not a doll. 
I have barbie dolls. Not touching them. : )

I think that Blythe dolls are better, cuter, dollier. 
I don't have Blythe dolls. Not touching them. : (

But I'm happy. Because Halloween is coming. Of course, i'm posting a lot of yumminess in my tumblr blog. TUMBLR?

Yes, TUMBLR! I made it! (no, not the egg...)

Cute things make me feel WOW! BOOM! PING! BAM! If you feel the same, follow me. (^_-)☆