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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Saying goodbye to Tenerife

double deeeedeees lol
Ok so yes hmhm. That picture under my greeting (yes that one) is showing you the da vinci code to what im doing now! Not NOW (if you want to know what im doing NOW visit my TWITTER) but what currently is going on. Ok.  But before I tell you the whole story im going to add some mixture of very berry kawaii sugar-pepper-salt to this amazing and fascinating and super-duper-hyper-lol information! Read it! This everything is INFORMATION!!

Yes, I flied together with my mummy by Airplane to the UK, England, London on the 3rd of November, with the help of the 2nd place prize money which I won at the Lotte Fit's Dance Contest of 2011. Of course, i'm going to expand this information even more in another blog post, but first, let's jump in a time machine and travel back to the 2nd november in a cute (kawaii!!) café in Tenerife, which just opened that day in front of where I used to live. DAMN! ^.^;

This is the first cafe with cute cakes in Tenerife! They sell many kind of unbelievable cute cakes and lets-get-high-on-sugar tea and more, mooooore OMGness. So with all this OMGness it was really hard to choose a cake. Uguu.

It was evening when I went to this café so the colours are somewhat off-cutie. ):( sadsad-happy deedees.
I wanted to choose something cheap, but still cute and big, decorative, with lovely pastel colours and something that is not too cute to eat, something PERFECT. There was no other choice, it had to be A PERFECT CAKE! The It-Cake! The cake that sparkles and dazzles, that shines radiantly and reflects a maidens heart, the loyal cake that doesnt want me to spend too much money, the handsome and nice cake, the cake that is lovely inside and outside, the cake for THAT DAY, the LAST DAY, the cake which im going to remember even if it vanishes to never seen dimensions, yes sir, the cake, THE ULTIMATE CAKE.

So now you little piece of chocolate sheet cake,  youre thinking that I cannot find the epic cake that is just made for me in this small bakery, located in a small town, on a small island. BOOYA! 。◕‿◕。

I found the very best one! The cake with the captain colour orange! I found THE ULTIMATE CAKE...for only 1€!!!

Continuinly, im going to "expose" a pic of this royal cake of mine (drum roll please): TADAA!

The ultimate cake was filled with very creamy creams, chocolate cream, vanilla cream, and an unknown orange cream. Chocolate balls were sprinkled over the cakes butter cream! And on the top of the cake, was a unknown orange, pudding like, but still creamy, somewhat with a taste like nothing, orange pillow, on which a crispy (I would say its a dry praline)  ball is situated. The crispy ball was filled with crispy chocolate cream (I would say its a dry chocolate cream). I must say that the plate, on which this fabulous cake was served on,  is so cute, that im just going to WAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!  Someone please call the SOS-Kawaii-Ambulance!!! >___<;;;

You get diabetes just by looking at it! This masterpiece is served on a kawaii plate! Its perfect...and im happy!
So what? Yes, what? EXACTLY!

BTW, didnt I mention that get-high-on-sugar tea in this blog post? Hm, I think I didnt. But I can remember that I drank tea out of a life-sized dollhouse teacup.

Wonderful tea in a wonderful teacup, served in a wonderful cafe! Of course, what did you think? The interior design of the cafe is just like I want to have my kitchen.

Ok, that may be not exactly how my future kitchen would look like cuz I already have plans for that (muahaha, sanrio will fear the day I receive my own salary!!).

I was really amazed that I could see something like this in real life!
What a cute place!

First it looks like a teacan but then...

TADAA! This teacup is perfect!  
It would be great if those could be of daily use. But you know, looking at this pic never gets boring. *O*

Look at this lovely combination of colours! A touch of modern dollhouse and victorian pop!

They sell bread too! But this is not "normal" bread! ITS KAWAII BREAD!

Birdie in green cage and birdie in yellow cage are singing piypiyopiyo!

Donuts, cupcakes and the pay desk!
Um, I think that the cash-computer would be better if it were pink and frilly too. And with polka dots. ^_____^

That was  a VERY fun and cute night before my relocation to London!
More is coming up soon!

Sweet Greetings by VenusAngelic