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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Olympic Sunday

Sunday 12 August 2012

The Olympic Games
Closing Ceremony

It feels like the 2 week long Olympic Games were over in no time!
Since I hadn't much time or tickets to participate in Olympic Events, I decided to dedicate my whole Sunday to get some taste of the Olympic's awesome sauce!

That Sunday I hung out in the Hyde Park and Victoria area.

The outfit I wore that day.

While on my quest to see something Olympic I detected a cute girl on a weird thing. I mean things.
Freeline Skates!
I asked her if I can take a pic of her on the skates, but the thing is, that you can only have your foot on them while your moving. She's doing this since 3 weeks but WOW I thought it's pro! haha

 Some guy in Hyde Park, not being very content about UK's current politic situation.

They were everywhere, in many different colours.

I was there! :)

In the London 2012 Shop was a pin trading event. First time I see something like this. Huh.

Know the rules before you trade. ;)

Pin Trading; obviously a science to its own rights.

There were about 6 more tables like this one.

I like these - they looks so cute! <3

Somehow, I'm impressed.

Look! A Japanese McDonalds pin!

Union Jack Wenlock!

Annnd Limited Edition Wenlock!

Annnnd I had frozen yogurt. For the first time!
Haaa something cold is really nice when it's really hot <3

So that was my Olympic summer Sunday.
Fun, Fun, Fun ♪