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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Random with Love!

HELLO! ^___________^

I didn't wrote a blog post for about a week, so here's a summary of what I did during this time!

Well, on my last Nico live Broadcast, I decided to wear fake glasses! They don't have glasses, it's only a plastic frame. Just for fun haha

Do I actually look smarter? ^.^ lol
Look! I saw this BIG, BIIIIIIIIIG onion yesterday when I was taking a walk with mommy!  Wow!

This onion is 2 times bigger than my fist, SERIOUSLY!

And beside a weird onion or whatev I also saw a bus and a lorry having a catfight. Both bus and lorry wanted to drive but other cars where in the way so it was quite troublesome. And fun to watch. LOL

Bus: Moooooveeee!
Lorry: Cannoooooooot, you move baaaaaaaaack!
Bus: I caaaaaaaaaaaan't! You move forwaaaaaaaaard
Lorry: If I move forward my lorry but-but will break : (((((
Bus: If I move backwards my bus but-but will crash > : (((((((
Lorry: Not to mention that your bus but-but will crash Toyota-san's head. LOL Anyway It's not my head or butt but my choco cornets and cupcakes to deliver so move ooooooooooooooooooooooonnn!

or something.

Annnd, I also ate sushi for lunch! You can buy small, small boxes like this in London's convenience stores.
This is so great, because this was not even Possible on Tenerife! 

Soooo cuuuuute.  

Today is Wednesday! Wednesday is a day of the week! So I wish everyone a happy Wednesday and a fun week! Yay!