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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

How I keep my room CUTE & TIDY!

Hey my dear vanilla pop marshmallow!

A question I get asked a lot is:
What's the secret to a cute, dolly room?

The magic recipe is simple:


Keep it cute & tidy!
But...HOW can we do that? 

Well, I bet you don't think of cleaning as a fun thing to do - but what's more important: That extra time on the computer or being in a nice room? Ok, I don't know what you're doing when you're neglecting your room but LET'S START!

Here are three easy to follow, and easy to remember tricks on how to keep your room fab:

When you dislocate an item in your room to use it, PUT IT BACK right when you're finished.
Oh my, just follow this rule and you will walk on the golden path of life.

When you get up, immediately tidy your bed and arrange your stuffed animals. It's easy, you don't have to make it perfect and calculate the position of your plushie, just make it an easy and short task - no more than two minutes and 30 seconds!

Find a place for everything, and KEEP IT THERE, and don't forget rule 1!

Laptop? Desk.
Charger cables? Rolled up in a pretty box.
Sheets of papers? Folder, folder, folder.
Books? In a box, which you can also decorate to make it even cuter :D
Food? Kitchen.
No seriously, eat in your kitchen. Your keyboard is not a plate nor a cookie crumble dispenser.
Same thing goes for your bed.

Just some examples, probably pretty obvious ones, but I just wanted to say that everything needs an easy to access place, and put it back after using it!

HOW do you keep your room cute & tidy, but still practical and comfortable?


My motto:
Only cute.

Whatever it is, there IS a cute version of it in this world!
And they are not more expensive than the "not cute" things.
When I go shopping I often see that there is a pink, or pastel colour version of the home item! Even IKEA offers kitchen utilities in cute colours, or for example, these nice floral boxes on which I took the pictures! ; D

Here are some examples of cute items in my room:

A pink calculator, from the well known calculator brand Casio!
Yes, it has all that stuff you use for glorious maths in high school (pi, sinus/cosinus/tangens, save answer, brackets, fractions blablablablablablablablabla) AND IT'S PINK.

Think pink and be smart!

Boring, brown leather cases?
A cute sun glass case in pink with the classic Hello Kitty motive.
Perfect for every girls handbag! 

My note book, with characters from "Jewel Pet" (Sanrio!)
Pastel and sparkles! Yay!
I have a lot going on in my mind, and if I don't note it down my head is going to explode! Therefore I must use a notebook as an extra "thought storage" ; D

That's not everything I just told tell you!
Keep your ears stiff like a bun, bun , bunny and look forward to more cute tips! 

Sweet Greetings,