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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

I don’t like the word 'gay rights'

I hate how people part it into “gay” and “not gay” It’s like gay people are “different humans” so they need different rights!? “We’re all different but same same.” Gay people should be allowed to marry and to adopt kids and live happy and free like everybody else. No, gay people shouldn’t be discriminated because there is nothing, really nothing wrong with them. The only thing that’s wrong are people’s mind, hypocrites who think that being gay is abnormal. Eww, again a word I hate is “abnormal”. Here In London I saw an advertisement on a bus saying “Some people are gay, get over it”. This ad made me think that maybe some people don’t like gay people? I can’t find a reason why not to like them. They are by the way so much friendlier than and most of them care about how they look not like many people I see…or yeah anti gay people XD Arguing over what gay people can do and what not is senseless. They probably just do it to hide the real problems from the public! : ( Hopefully there’ll be a time where people can just live equally without classifying each other in folders ._.